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    Aug 10, 2006
    im just wondering what people are on game renders(wow wise)
    im a 40 rogue
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    been done so many times, the search button is your friend..merged a few of the topics to show you what I mean.
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    What servers are the best and reasons? PVP (player vs player) or PVE (player vs enviroment): I don't think there is a real "best server" I find most people join a server to play with their friends, I would stay away from pvp servers as you are just beggining and will be quite frustrating if your corpse ends up getting camped for 3 days :P.

    PVe- Yes u can kill others u need to just flag pvp on /pvp but this is not the way to go about pvping, battlegrounds is the way foward if you want to start pvp'ing.

    What is the best charactar combo? (reasons too please): There is no real best class in wow, its what you would like to play and do in wow. but heres a few things
    if you want to pve/pvp and level fast - be a hunter or a rogue,
    if you want to raid alot be a priest/warrior - seems to be a shortage for instances now many get in with ease, but i would make a priest as a secondary character because all you do really is heal or ment to be doing that anyway in raids/battlegrounds.
    Mages and Warlocks these are ok as well for pvp haven't played them much but there damage output is far greater than hunters in one skill hits, where as all the hunters skills are all instant so you can project alot more damage in time so they will most likely be running.
    Paladin/Shaman: Played a paladin for quite a while, if you think you will be doing damage with this class your mistaken you can a fair amount but you wont really out dps hunters/rogues/mages/warlocks etc.., many are just used to off-heal in raids, and not put to there rightful uses such as off tanking.
    Shamans um played a bit but not that much seems to be the same as a paladin but with different skills they all relate to each other in some way though.

    My favorite class: Hunter...FTW...

    There is no best class in wow to be, everyone of them is needed in battle there are ways everyone can die by each class thus no other race being superior to the next it is a matter of how you utilize you characters skills that deterimes the winner in the battles as well as teamwork.

    Reasons for being a hunter:

    You get can slow a field of players down this is handy so you can escape easily or help your group in numerous ways,
    You can trap a single player for 20-26 secs so you can take 2 at once or 3 even, you get area of effect traps and single damage traps,

    You can basically take any cloth wearer out, and rogues get pretty much owned as well, you just need to pratice pvp'ing
    You get to see the whole of the battle and whats going on,
    because your always about 20yds from the action so you can play it safe, You get a pet to tank for you in pve this is handy if you can't take the whole group you can escape and leave your pet there to die and revive him once your safe, the pet is also good to stop casters from casting too fast in pvp and add extra damage, if you spec to beast mastery you can take a few mail/plate wearers out easier with your pet,
    Your damage output is too nice and especially in pvp.

    The only bad points I would say to being a hunter is the constant purchasing of Arrows and food for your pet apart from that all is well.

    Best professions??

    Hm it used to be Mining/Skinning or herbalism because of the gold u can make but alot of people have turned to Mining/Jewlecrafting seen as of the new patch where you get the slot bonus's for your equipment,.

    Btw it all really comes down to what you want to do in wow.

    Hope this helped :eek:, G/L


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