World of Warcraft 2 accounts, one three 80s

Discussion in 'Offer' started by Jester, Apr 3, 2011.

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    Hey guys, some of you might remember be, I've been busy the past couple months, but I'm back.

    Basically, I don't play World of Warcraft anymore, and am hoping to sell my account for a good deal (there is a catch which may be minor or major). Here are the stats:

    80 Undead Dual Specced PvE/PvP Rogue (Rasmorak)
    80 Prot Tauren Warrior (Traben)
    80 Dual specced Frost Dps/Blood soloing DK (Saskatia)
    76 Dual Specced Elemental/Resto Shaman (Vänaste)

    plus many other characters that never fully took off or I liked twinking.

    This account is NOT upgraded for Cataclysm so you'd have to do that on your own. You can look up the four characters I listed on 2 out of 4 have epic flying, and Traben has some really cool unique mounts. There is room to grow on these characters, contact me for more info.

    I could use some money to send back home. Some of you may have noticed it's two accounts on one account and that is a very astute observation. In order to have access to those four characters I listed above, you'd have to pay for both accounts (You can transfer characters after paying at least a month of time for each account). Because of this blatant inconvenience, I am asking a mere $150. This price, as always, is negotiable. I will answer any questions you have. And I will not screw you out of money or anything. I will give you my contact information/flight number/military information on the off chance I decide to steal your money (lol).

    Thanks for looking.

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