Windows 7 Profe Ssional Key

Discussion in 'Offer' started by MythicX, Oct 28, 2009.

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    Just wondering how much people were willing to pay for this full licence key..

    I have come across an extra copy of Windows 7 profe ssional,

    i have one x64 version and one x86 version.. thinking of using the 64bit for myself unless someone can make me a good cash offer.
    I am willing to sell both if the offer is good enough.

    I believe the RRP in the UK is £219.99, but im not looking for that much... You may pay in £GBP or $USD securely via PayPal,
    if you wish to use a credit card i can arrange that through paypal and my website, unless you know how to do it yourself ofc.

    I don't have the discs to give you, but i can burn a full backup dvd with win7pro and post it to you if you need it.

    The key has come from a 100% legit source.

    Long time trusted member & I'm sure lots here can assure that for you guys that don't know me.

    Please post your offers / questions below.


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