What Is The Best Type Of Ram To Buy?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by MockingMonkey, Jan 27, 2007.

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    Oct 29, 2005
    DDR PC2100
    DDR PC2700
    DDR PC3200
    DDR PC3500
    DDR PC3700
    DDR PC4000
    DDR PC4200
    DDR PC4400
    DDR2 PC4200
    EDO Simms
    Rambus PC1066
    Rambus PC800
    SDRAM PC100
    SDRAM PC133
    SDRAM PC66
    Which one do you use for gaming?
  2. xlink

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    Nov 19, 2004
    The best would probably be DDR3-1600 PC12800

    also it's not widely available and it's very expensive... not to mention that motherboards which suport it are only engineering samples...

    or maybe XDR RAM, but I don't know a ton about XDR...

    and what the best is would be the one which works on your system, well, what motherboard do you have? That's the only way to determine it atleast.

    then, the bracket falls into not the ratings slapped on RAM for marketting purposes, but the microchips used on it, the quality of PCB board, and to a very small extent the programming implemented into the RAM.

    here is my current ranking of each ype assuming average quality for each one
    DDR PC2100 - accpetable
    DDR PC2700 - OK
    DDR PC3200 - decent
    DDR PC3500 - decent
    DDR PC3700 - decent
    DDR PC4000 - allright
    DDR PC4200 - good
    DDR PC4400 - good
    DDR2 PC4200 - acceptable
    EDO Simms - crap, hasn't been used for over a decade
    Rambus PC1066 - very expensive, high latency and only moderate bandwidth, mediocre
    Rambus PC800 -mediocre
    SDRAM PC100 - hasn't been used for almost a decade, cruddy overall
    SDRAM PC133 - hasn't been used for nearly half a decade, mediocre
    SDRAM PC66 - hasn't been used much in the last half decade, nevre mass produced, still expensive and so-so performance

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