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    Easy Ducat Earnings

    This is not my own guide. I just modified and elaborate more of it to fully understand how to execute this guide and also it is updated to the NetMarble’s Uncharted Waters Online. I give my thanks to the original uploader of this guide which is what I find very helpful.

    Note: This is only for Traders that choose The Netherlands as their country.

    “This simple guide is to help new Netherlands players make some easy ducats (In game Currency) at the start, and will not work as well for players from other countries. You have to start as a trade learner to utilize this guide.

    Step 1.
    For new players, please take some time and talk to all the HELPERS in the city before you start your school tutorial. They can give you some usable items. The order is as follows:
    School--Market--item Shop--Craft store--Tavern--Bank (you'll receive 10k here)--Company Admin Office --Governor's Mansion--Mercator Estate—Shipyard (When you speak to the helper he will tell you to go to the Library, He is talking about the) –Archives (When you speak to the helper in the archives he will say to go to the Archives maybe a bug but proceed to)--Port (Harbour)

    Step 2.
    After you finished all the talking, Go the Merchant Guild and look for the task which requires you to deliver 4 barrels of ham to Den Helder. You can buy the Ham in the Market of Amsterdam. You can get one Merchant's guild card when report back.

    Step 3.
    Go back to your Merchant School to get another Merchant's guild card by finishing the School Quest or get graduated. Or you can find another trade learner to share the 4 barrels of ham quest, so you can do it again and get another guild card.

    Step 4.
    Go to your Merchant Guild Master and Use 1 Merchants guild card to become an Animal trader and learn the skills: Livestock Trading, Food Trading and Caution. Trade between Amsterdam and Den Helder until you have livestock and food trading reach lv2. Trade only livestock (Sheep and Chicken) and food (Ham, Poultry, etc) from both towns also check the prices to which is more favorable or highest profit to get. After that...

    Step 5.
    Use another merchant’s guild card to become a Yarn trader and learn the skills: Textile trading and Sewing. Buy a recipe book named Fabric secrets--Hardware at Item shop.

    Step 6.
    Go to Den Helder and buy all the chicken and sheep. Use your Sewing skill to turn them into feather and wool then go back to Amsterdam to sell them. Keep trading and sewing between Amsterdam and Den Helder until you reach sewing lv2.

    Step 7.
    Go to Groningen and buy a recipe book named Shipwright basic--Sewing book from the craft shop then go back to Amsterdam.

    Step 8.
    Buy all the Hemp Fabric and turn them into Spare sail by using your new sewing book. The spare sail costs 2 Hemp Fabric and 5 Vigour to make. The Pedlar will buy it for 1606D in Amsterdam and 1900D in London. The downside of selling Spare sail is that you will not get trade exp from it. However, while sewing the spare sail and you get a “great success” which consist of 2 spare sails you will gain trade experience from it.

    Step 9.
    Keep trading fabric and sewing until you are satisfied with your earnings.”

    Extra Tip:

    - Buy a Transport Small Caravel asap.
    [font="calibri,sans-serif; font-size: 11pt; line-height: 115%"]*Transport Small Caravel needs Adventure Level 2 and Trade Level 4 that costs 92,000 Ducats. It has a hold capacity of 126.

    - Fabric is going to be the main source of your profit. If the profit is not good enough, you can go to Calais and sell them there. Gin, Dutch Calico and Feather are considered special goods in Calais which means you will get double Exp. And when in Calais get the Dried Apples which is considered special goods in Amsterdam.

    official site
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    Uncharted Waters Online: TIPS AND TRICKS (adventure)

    Adventure Class Quick EXP/Fame Guide by Starcrossed
    Just want to say Thank You to Starcrossed who created this guide. This is a very helpful and effective guide for Adventurers.

    How to gain quick experience and fame as a beginning Adventurer:

    This can be done solo but has better results in a group as you get nearly twice the fame if you all turn in the quests at once.

    Step One - Getting to Athens:


    All three Intermediate schools complete so that you have the three Adventure job permits
    500 adventure fame, which you should get from the schools.

    Helmsperson for skills.






    Once you have the prerequisites, you will need to take a trip to Seville so you can begin what many of us call the 588-91. This refers to the quest rewards that the quests give, 58,800 ducats and 9,100 ducats respectively. You will need to go to the Adventure’s guild and speak to the Mediator to begin one of these quests.

    588 - The Middle of the Atlantic
    This quest gives a reward of 58,800 ducats. All it requires is sailing west from Seville until you find an island chain that consists of three small islands known as the Azores. Once you are amongst them, you use recognition to ‘discover’ the islands. You then return to Seville and turn the quest in, netting a few hundred exp and fame as well as 58,800 Ducats.

    91 - The Tip of the Iberian Peninsula

    Because you cannot repeat a quest, you need a filler quest after you do 588. This quest is normally a quest to Faro for 9,100 ducats known as the Tip of the Iberian Peninsula. It is quick and will allow you to start 588 again quickly. However, if this quest is not available any quick quest to Malaga or Lisbon also works to speed up the process. You will need to do this until you reach 2,000 adventure fame.

    Step Two - Raising Archeology







    For step three, level 4 Archeology is required. The quickest way to do this is to head to Genoa. In Genoa there is a level 1 geography quest that takes you to Naples to speak to the scholar and then find an item in the Naples melee combat zone. Once that is done, you can turn the quest in at the Tavern and pick up an Archeology quest that sends you back to Genoa to speak to the Scholar there. This quest sends you back to Naples to dig another item. You will need to repeat this process till you have level 4 Archeology.

    To maximize this process, you should be in a group. Pick a person to go first to discover the item. Everyone else stands back far enough that they cannot discover the item yet. This person with get between 20-40 proficiency. You then allow a second person to come dig while the original person stays in place. The second person and the first person obtain 20-40 proficiency, allowing the first to now collect 40-80 proficiency in one trip. You do this until everyone has discovered, then next time allow someone else in the group to go first. Take turns, work together.

    An alternate way to do this step is to reach level 2 Archeology, then repeat the Archeology school quest to Tunis repeatedly in a group until you reach level four. This, however, requires you almost be finished with Advanced Adventure school.

    Step 3 - Arriving in Athens:



    2,000 Fame


    Arabic - Can learn in Genoa Merchant GM

    Greek - Can learn in Naples Merchant GM

    Treasure Appraisal - Can learn in Lisbon Adventure GM

    Unlock - Should have learned when switching to Excavator

    This is the final step in fame farming for beginners. With this quest line, in a group, you can easily obtain 10,000-15,000 fame in just a few days of constant, determined farming. Possibly even 500-1000 an hour if you do it right.

    You will need to go to Athens. In Athens you will need to pick up the quest the Sultans. This quest will send you to Beirut where you must speak to the Scholar. The Scholar will send you into the Alexandria wilds to discover something. Turn this quest in at the Alexandria Tavern and pick up Mourning a Greek Tragedy quest which takes you back to Athens to speak to the Scholar and discover something in the Athens wilds. You can run these two quests repeatedly and make possibly 100,000 ducats every 30-60 minutes while gaining massive fame and experience.

    Edit: Sultans requires Appraisal level 4, Unlock level 2. If you do not want to level that you can alternately get Town Dedicated to Love from Athens to Famagusta.

    Things to note:

    Any nation can do this.

    Quests that send you to a scholar normally require you to read a book.

    This method may not be for everyone as they may get bored repeating the quest lines.

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    :cry: I wanted to try the Maritime job of this game but i find it hard to be a Pirate and sunk ship of other players...
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    Crafting Guides: Handicraft I

    Originally written by and produced by MTC and her leaders.


    Handicraft has always been one of my favourite crafting skills, because of its versatility. It can be coupled with other major crafting skills such as Cooking and Casting and significantly shorten the time to level the other two skills. It can also be complemented with skills such as Procurement and Collection, and therefore turning trash items such as Grass, Sand and Stone into highly valuable commodity.
    Handicraft can be used to make trade goods such as alcohol, as well as make Gems from ore collected in Landing areas. It is also responsible for making all furniture throughout the game, and can add valuable boosts to your ship by building Head Pieces and Wooden Armours
    Because Handicraft is such a versatile, each nation will have its advantages and disadvantages. Spanish players and Portuguese players will have easy access to, Wheat, Barley, Olives, Cane, Almond, and Wine, French players will have the Bordeaux to Nantes trade route as well as access to the Brewing Secrets Volume 2 from Montpellier, and Dutch and English players will have the raw materials of Lumber and other metal ore and Industrial goods from the North Sea.
    Recommended Birthplace

    Mediterranean Chapter

    North Sea Chapter

    Mediterranean Chapter

    -Required Recipe Books
    Book of Pharmaceutical preparation [optional] (Nantes, Malaga, Syracuse) 5000D
    Book of Seasoning (Palma) 5000D
    Brewing Secrets (Cagliari, reward after 320,000D in investment; Hamburg) 10000D
    Brewing Secrets Volume 2 (Montpellier, Havana, reward after 800,000D in investment)

    -Required Skills
    Food trading (animal trader, food merchant)
    Alcohol trading (accountant)
    Luxury item trading (accountant, medicine trader)
    Handicraft (medicine trader)
    Either one of Procurement or Collection [optional] (fisherman)
    Industrial goods trade [optional] (mineral trader)

    Level 1 (3 x Grass >>> Basic Medicine)
    One of the biggest problems with Handicraft is that most recipes start at level 2, so at level 1 your options are very limited. You can of course try and purchase a +1 Handicraft Shipwright’s Saw from players, but that equipment would cost about 3 million ducats. The next best thing is try to get your Handicraft to level 2 by crafting level 1 items.
    Sail to Nantes, purchase the Book of Pharmaceutical preparation. Go outside the town through the gatekeeper and use either Procurement or Collection skill (on a grassy patch) to gather Grass and turn them into Basic Medicine.

    This method can be time consuming if you can’t find the Logs.

    Level 2 (Olive >>> Olive Oil; Cane >>> Cane Sugar; Wheat >>> Beer)
    If you are Spanish you can sail between either Seville and Faro, and use the Brewing Secrets to turn Wheat into Beer or between Palma and Valencia and make Olive Oil from Olives using the Seasoning Book. Both products can be sold back to the market.
    If you are Portuguese, you can sail to the Madeira and produce Cane Sugarfrom Cane with the Seasoning Book, or travel between Porto and Lisbon to brew Beer from Wheat found at Porto

    Level 3 (Almond >>> Almond Oil; Wheat >>> Aquavit; Barley >>> Vodka)
    Spanish players use the Seville to Ceuta route, making Aquavit from Wheat and Vodka from Barley using the Brewing Secrets book. Portuguese players use the Porto to Lisbon route, making Almond Oil from Almond from the Book of Seasoning, and Aquavit from Wheat using Brewing Secrets.

    Level 4 (Almond >>> Almond Oil; Wheat >>> Aquavit; Barley >>> Vodka; 2 x Wine >>> Brandy)
    Spanish players use the same route between Seville and Ceuta, this time with the addition of making Brandy from Wine.
    Similarly Portuguese players use the route from Porto to Lisbon, making Brandy from Wine on top of the Almond Oil and Aquavit.

    Level 5 - 7 (Wheat >>> Whiskey; Barley >>> Vodka or Vinegar, 2 x Wine >>> Brandy)
    Sail between Seville and Ceuta and brew Whiskey from Wheat, Vodka from Barley and Brandy from Wine. Now you’ll see why Handicraft is so profitable. Both Whiskey and Vodka are speciality products from the North and can see for quite a lot of money and fame.
    If you want less profit and fame, you can turn the Barley into Vinegar with the Book of Seasoning

    Level 7 (Wheat >>> Whiskey; Barley >>> Vodka or Vinegar, Wine >>> Wine Vinegar)
    Using the same trade routes above, except turning Wine into Wine Vinegar with the Book of Seasoning rather than Brandy.

    Level 8 - 10 (Wheat >>> Whiskey; Barley >>> Vodka or Vinegar, Wine >>> Wine Vinegar or 2 x Wine >>> Brandy, Brandy + Raisin >>> Shelly)

    Path A (Wheat >>> Whiskey; Barley >>> Vodka or Vinegar, Wine >>> Wine Vinegar)
    If you are unlucky and do not have friends from France that can help you invest in a Brewing Secret Volume 2, then you are stuck in the Lisbon and Seville area, making Wine Vinegar from Wine. That would be the only recipe available to you until level 10.

    Path B (Raisin >>> Wine, 2 x Wine >>> Brandy, Brandy + Raisin >>> Shelly)
    If you are lucky enough to grab hold of a Secret Brewing Volume 2, then its time to make some serious profit.

    Path B1 (Raisin >>> Wine, 2 x Wine >>> Brandy, Brandy + Raisin >>> Shelly)
    -Suitable for all players, French players will have greater advantage.
    Travel to the Bordeaux, Nantes area in the Bay of Biscay. Once you get here you’ll understand just how just how much of an advantage French players have in terms of Handicraft. Nantes sells Brandy, Bordeaux sells Wine and Raisins. Simply travel between the two ports, loading up on Brandy, Raisins, and Wine. Use Wine to make Brandy, combine Brandy with Raisin to make Shelly. Any leftover Raisins can be made into Wine, and then into Brandy and combined with another Raisin to make Shelly. Everything related to alcohol here can be crafted and therefore making these Nantes and Bordeaux area ideal for Handicraft crafters.

    Trade Route (Nantes/Bordeaux >>> Plymouth)
    Once your ship has full cargo of Shelly, you can unload them at Plymouth, where Shelly is considered a speciality product, and earning you some handsome exp, fame and profit.

    Path B2 (4 x Cane >>> Rum, Raisin >>> Wine, 2 x Wine >>> Brandy, Brandy + Raisin >>> Shelly)
    -Suitable only for Portuguese players
    With a small investment in Madeira, you will be able to purchase Wine and Raisin. The disadvantage of Madeira is that unlike Bordeaux/Nantes, there are no nearby ports. If you want maximum efficiency its best to bring category 2 purchase orders.
    The process is the same as in B2. Buy out Wine and Raisin. Turn the Wine into Brandy, and combine Brandy with Raisin to make Shelly. Buy Cane and brew Rum from the Cane.
    Because your are Portuguese, you will be able to invest in Madeira and purchase extra trade goods.

    Trade Route
    This trade route is highly profitable and fast. Before you set out from Lisbon, make sure you have in your ship cargo 50 of Feathers (crafted from by plucking chicken with level 1 Sewing), 50 of Whiskey, brewed from Wheat, 50 of Aquavit, made also from Wheat, 50 of Vodka, made from Barley in Ceuta, travel to Madeira, craft at least 50 of Shelly, and some Rum if you have cargo space.
    Once your ship is loaded with alcohol, sail down to Arguin, south west of Madeira on the African Coast. All the items in your ship apart from Rum are speciality items, and by selling them together you will receive Specialty Combo, earning you lots of experience and Ducat.
    This Portuguese special trade route can make you a multi millionaire in a matter of days.
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    Thanks for these will try them out.
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    hi Chiddy, ^_^, are you playing this game? what is your in game nick?
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    Basic information you need for Shipbuilding.
    Uncharted Waters OL --- production

    The basis of common sense】 【Shipbuilding

    * Proficiency = (level + shipbuilding shipping total number of days) X8.5 / (Shipbuilding Lv +1) (decimal points rounded down)
    * Can be combined shipbuilding Rating = (shipbuilding LvX5) +9
    * Ship Information
    * Wood selection
    * Shipbuilding experience
    * Laminated Boat
    * Special shipbuilding materials
    o Prices of basic shipbuilding: NPC selling price × 0.6
    o Material changes in the price: (NPC selling price × 0.6) × price coefficient of material
    o Price plus or minus the number of spaces: ((NPC selling price × 0.6) × material price coefficient) × rate of addition and subtraction module
    Assuming 15% increase cabin is × 1.15 (without considering shift change)
    o Adjust artillery: general ship in about 1000 to about 20,000 (all prices are different for each vessel, and no clear understanding to the analysis, it temporarily unable to provide)
    o Floating Price:
    + Ship waiting time (Taiwan made a cover of 8.9 times. Others can be precious or pepper the trip back)
    + To be dissolved when the crew of the ship changes (decrease training and loyalty) and the cost of re-added the sailor
    + Shipbuilding and other craftsman-made training costs and the time when the burning vessel (the second half of the investment cost will be for instructions)
    + Other charges: Banks lead put the saw storage fees, ship at sea waiting for, the required consumption of water, food and cope with loss of the props required for the disaster, physical, sailors casualties, and equipment durability when encountered at lower interest loss
    o Material:
    There are 10 kinds of vessels available materials, except with the speed will affect the durability will also affect the price, and the shipbuilders have to look at the degree level and the regional development can be determined by the material (only a few areas have a lot of material, good material than the shipyard will several times more expensive to sell and, if special materials to before you purchase a small computer to count)
    o Example illustrates: (A set of game content relationship, the actual value will be less with the direct conversion of the value of 1 or 2)
    + NPC to sell the small Arabian boat
    Durability 160, 240 vertical sail, square sail 25, the shipyard price 360000
    Election is made of teak, the teak trim coefficient of 110% of the endurance factor of 105% finishing rate of 160% of the price factor
    + Adjusted for small Arab boat
    Durability 176 (= 160 × 110%), vertical fan 251 (= 240 × 105%), transverse fan 26 (= 25 × 105%)
    Price 345600 (= 360000 × 0.6 × 160%)
    * Adjust the shipping room, gun room
    o Requirements & Concepts
    + Shipbuilding Level 5 (with 4 +1) or more, and can use the ship who can talk with the port boat maker and gun room change the number of crew
    + Both increase and decrease in some of the warehouse will directly affect the number of (a crew member is to reduce the number to increase the number of a warehouse)
    o Formula
    + Boat Room (crew): The minimum number of crew members the basic value × 120% ~ 150% change between
    Minimum value: the minimum required number of × 120% crew
    The maximum value: the number of × 150% of basic crew
    + Gun Room: basic values at 50% ~ 150% change between
    The maximum value: 50% of the basic values
    Minimum value: 150% of basic value
    o For example: Business cover round sailing
    NPC selling value: Ship Room 70, Room 30 guns, storage 580, the minimum required number of 45 crew members
    + Adjustment of the minimum crew: 45 × 120% = 54 the boat room 54, room 30 guns, storage 596
    The crew to adjust the maximum: 70 × 150% = 105, Room 105, the boat, gun chamber 30, storage 545
    + Gun Room adjusting the minimum: 30 × 50% = 15 vessels Room 70, Room 15 guns, storage 595
    Gun room to adjust the maximum: 30 × 150% = 45 vessels Room 70, Room 45 guns, storage 565
    + At the same time adjustment of the minimum
    Adjustment of the minimum crew: 45 × 120% = 54 people
    Gun Room adjusting the minimum: 30 × 50% = 15
    Boat Room 54, Room 15 guns, storage 610
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