Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Lockdown

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    TOM CLANCY'S Rainbow Six: Lockdown




    In Rainbow Six: Lockdown, players lead Team Rainbow, the world's most elite counter-terrorist unit, as they are called into action and dispatched into unfamiliar territory to battle a bioterrorist threat. Stakes escalate as they are personally targeted by an evil terrorist organization. Used to protecting the lives of others, Team
    Rainbow must now embark on a mission to fight and save some of their own.

    Game Features:

    * Change in story and mission composition: Rainbow faces independent terrorist threats tied together by one common element - the Legion virus. Rainbow must determine the connection between the terrorist threats and the virus.

    * Enhanced tactical gameplay allows you to immerse yourself in tense close-quarter combat, where split-second decisions mean the difference between life and death.

    * Superior multiplayer experience: Lockdown has the total multiplayer experience, including a revolutionary Class-Based mode where players choose from four specialized operative classes, each with unique gameplay advantages.

    * Advanced weapons and equipment: Complete your mission with all of the tools of the trade including new items like lock fusers, laser trip mines, and the deadly virus grenades.

    * New "classic" maps: Rainbow Six Lockdown PC provides nine maps including three new "classic" Rainbow maps voted on by the fans.
    * Tension-building sound effects (creaking floorboards, whispers and hostages begging for their lives) hint at a threat around every corner.

    * Increased visuals: All levels contain increased visuals, accomplished by increasing resolution of textures and increasing polygon counts. In addition, lighting of spaces dramatically improves the visuals of the game.

    * All new user interface includes new radar element added to in the in game HUD - part of the motion sensor vision mode.

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    i thought it was better than tHAT 8/20

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