The Guide To Auctioning

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    Here are some tips for creating successful auctions:

    - Always set a minimum bid increment. This will ensure that you will not get people who bid just 1 credit over the previous bid, which will increase the length of the auction.

    - An auction can run no longer than 7 days and will be closed by a mod or an admin

    - Don't make your auctions too long. People will lose interest or avoid bidding at an early stage if your auction closes in a couple of days time.

    - Avoid creating clauses such as "I won't sell unless I get an offer I like" if possible. This can put many people off bidding.

    - (By BFTP) Be clear with your auction rules, type it out clearly, and make sure its easy and simple to follow. An auction w/ complex rules, and bad grammer will most likely not get as many bids as an straightforward, easy to follow auction.
    Some example rules include:
    a ) No withdrawing bids
    b ) No reselling the auctioned item
    c ) Do they have rights to the PSD, etc?

    -You are only allowed to bump once every 24 hours otherwise your auction will be closed

    If you have any more words of wisdom that you think should be added here then please PM me.
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