Shin Angyo Onshi

Discussion in 'Movies' started by [ED] Possesed Ninja, May 11, 2007.

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    Your pants eh?
    Am i the only one that reads Shin Angyo Onshi?
    Heres a short bio on it if you don't read it, it is kinda suggestive considering one of the main characters wheres leather belts as her clothing.
    "Blade of the Phantom Mask takes place in a fictional, and historical, far eastern country named Jushin. In Jushin, there once lived secret government agents called angyo onshi, who traveled the countryside in disguise. They were charged by the king to find and punish corrupt government officials and bring justice to the country's citizens.

    At the start of the series, Jushin has been destroyed, and corruption and tyranny are widespread. Blade of the Phantom Mask follows the adventures of one of the remaining angyo onshi, Munsu, as he continues to wander the countryside and deals with the chaos caused by Jushin's fall.

    Though initially episodic in nature, it becomes apparent that Munsu's travels are not random as the series progresses. In truth, Munsu is searching for the man responsible for assassinating his best friend, who was also the king of Jushin and whose death led to the fall of the country."
    Wikipedia, and no it isnt really short....
    Anyway if anyone reads it post here and your opinions on it
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    I've never heard of it but it sounds good.

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