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    Here is a list with the rules regarding GameRender's new Photography Competition:
    • 30 Posts are required in order to participate.
    • We will do our best with setting a new theme each month, the theme will be stated in the entry thread. Your entry must have something to do with the theme.
    • There is no size limit. But it's harder to win a 1st prize when it's an extreme large picture where we have to scroll up and down and horizontally every time to actually take a good look at the picture.
    • Multiple entries are NOT allowed, you may only enter with one photo (if it's still ongoing you can change the photo if you have a better one though).
    • Do NOT post your entry with the img tag, but post a direct link. This in order to keep the pages load normally since photo's can be big.
    • We have a zero-tolerance with porn pictures. If you post one you will get disqualified, warned and suspended. Of course are those classic statues allowed.
    • Your name must be put on the photo (with a program such as Photoshop/Paint/GIMP etc.).
    • No photomanipulations. You can change size, add a little contrast etc. to make it look a little better though.
    People who can not obey these rules will get disqualified.
    Other than that, happy shooting and good luck with entering the Photography competition!

    ** If you get caught ripping/stealing a photograph you will get a permanent ban **
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