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    -Rules Updated June 15th 2010 by Sonic Gal

    Render Of The Week Competition

    Please read and follow these rules before participating in this competition.


    • All members must have there username/logo Presented Clearly somewhere on their entry.
    • No multiple entries (i.e. using 2 accounts to enter twice).
    • No voting for your own entry via another account.
    • All entries must be rendered by you, even if you have full rights to a render this is not a valid entry if you did not make it.
    • All dead links at the close of the competition each week will be deemed as void and not entered
    • No deviantART or CGTalk images to be used
    • Entries to be posted via a direct link, with original image via a direct link also. Do not post the render as a thread with lots of big images in the same place will cause slow loading times for some members (56k)
    • All entries not following these rules will have their entry voided and removed from the competition.


    300 credits and 1st place award badge shown in your post.
    100 credits and 2nd place award badge shown in your post.
    50 credits and 3rd place award badge shown in your post.


    Staff will create a entry thread and discussion thread for entries and discussion alike, please make sure you post in the right sections.


    Members will be able to vote via a voting thread that will be posted in this section of the forum.
    Staff voting will take place in the staff section of the forum.

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