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    grTrader - Feedback

    Selling items over an instant messenger or off the forum

    We encourage members to not make transactions involving GameRenders via MSN/AIM/Yahoo messenger etc. This is because we will not provide any sort of scam protection if you trade off of the forum, so if someone steals your credits/money then don't PM us, we won't be interested in helping you resolve the issue. If you want to make a quick transaction via IM and want scam protection, then make sure that you make a thread selling your item and tell the buyer to post a reply in it confirming he is going to buy it, and for what price you have both agreed.

    Selling GameRenders accounts

    Remember that accounts created after Febuary 2006 cannot be sold via the forum or externally from GameRenders. Any such account that is found to be sold will be disabled (so the buyer loses the account they paid for) and the seller of the account will be fined.

    When you sell an account, remember to change the password immedietly after receiving it. We are not responsible for any credit losses caused by sellers logging onto past accounts they sold where the buyer hasn't changed the password.

    Note that accounts that have been sold will not have their -reps or warns removed. Once an account has been sold, all reputation on that account is frozen and cannot be changed. This is done to stop people with bad reputation or high warn levels having the same value as perfect accounts with no -reputation or warns.

    Loans and Borrowing of credits

    You are totally responsable for loans that you make using GR credits. Although it's a good deed, we can't replace any lost credits so always avoid loaning to users who you do not know or users who have low post counts and/or reputation. If you loan to a scammer that does not pay you back then it's your problem.

    Selling items of value for credits

    When selling items of real money value for credits, always request that the credits be sent first. Remember, we can control the credits sent via GameRenders and so if you get scammed, we can reverse the transaction. We will not provide any scam protection to stupidity (e.g when buying credits, sending money via Paypal before the credits are sent).
    As always, we [Gamerenders] take no responsibility for loss of credits or real items. Again, you do this at your own risk.

    Selling or Trading of credits

    We will now allow members to sell or trade their GameRenders credits for points/credits/tokens on other websites. Be warned though, that we can not control that transaction, there fore we have no way of ensuring you get scammed. Trading our credits, for another sites, is being done so at your own risk.

    Gaming / Website Accounts

    You are allowed to sell rapidshare accounts, steam accounts, game accounts. Please exercise extreme caution when doing so though. We can NOT return your account for you. Also, please document account transactions extremely well. It is very hard for staff to to judge whether or not someone was truely scammed, so if you document the entire process with screenshots, logs of PM conversations, and a thread in the marketplace, it makes it alot easier. If there is not sufficient proof, and you are scammed, we will NOT help you.

    Selling Moola and other invites is allowed on GR, same goes for beta invites for games. You are however NOT allowed to sell invites to warez/p2p/torrent sites.

    Selling/buying with real money
    You are once again allowed to sell items for real money, with a few exceptions. If you are selling artwork, it must be absoluately 100% your own original artwork. Nothing that contains renders, or stock images, unless you photographed the stock image yourself. Gamerenders accounts can be sold for money, as can Gamerenders credits (note that the credits still must be sold at the ratio we set forth).

    If you are requesting things for credits, you can only do so if you have the credits in your immediate account, or the bank of your immediate account. You cannot start a thread stating you will buy the credits at a later date. This is to protect against scammers. Rule effective: 17th September 2007
    Additionally, please use the Sig Request sub forum for requesting signatures.
    REMEMBER: Threads can only be bumped after 24 hours from your last bump, if you bump with only an hour or so from your last bump you will be warned. After starting a new topic, you may not bump the topic for 24 hours. Doing so beforehand will result in the topic being closed and/or a warning.

    Requesting people to wear your banner/text
    You may request people to wear your banner in their signature space as long as you comply with the following;
    * Advertising banners may be no larger than 468 x 60 pixels and one line of text.
    * Only one external link.
    * The banner / text must not link to warez, torrent, pornography sites etc.

    The sale of lessons on GR
    * You buy lessons at your own risk, if anything goes wrong do not come running to the staff because we will not help you.
    *We [the GR staff] hold no responsibility of anything that may go wrong in regards to the lessons you have paid for.
    *Credits that you have spent on these lessons will not be given back to you by staff if anything is to go wrong.

    GR Bank
    The GR bank system is there to protect your credits. It does gain interest that is automatically added to your bank account with no message being sent to the owner.

    If in doubt..
    If you are, at all, in any doubt feel free to contact any staff member, who will be sure to point you in the right direction.

    GameRenders marketplace rules last revised on 29 November 2008 - Subject to change at any time without notice.
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