MSI GT70 or Asus G75VW?

Discussion in 'Tech' started by KING YORK, Jul 15, 2012.


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    Jul 15, 2012
    So I've been searching for a gaming laptop and have narrowed it down to these two, but I really can't decide.

    I love the MSI GT70's keyboard color options, although I've heard that some times the keys don't register. I also don't know if their cooling system is efficient with one fan, is it? How loud are they? Also how is the case in comparison to the Asus?

    I like the Asus G75VW, and it seems like an overall solid product. Are there any issues with it? I wish I could customize the keyboard lighting colors too though -_- And is Asus' support really that bad?

    I think my biggest issue is I have to finance the laptop, and I can either buy from Tigerdirect or Newegg. Newegg only has the MSI in stock, so if I get the MSI I can get a free xbox. If I go with Asus, I have to buy from Tigerdirect and don't get a free xbox..

    This is my dilemma haha. Overall what are your opinions on the laptops? Which do you feel is better? And in my case, which one is worth it?

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