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    Jun 21, 2014
    We are two brothers from Norway, and we are starting a Company.
    We are still at an early stage, but we will need a logo.

    1. We are a Company that will work in the Maritime industry, fishfarming to be precise. We will NOT be fishfarmers, but we will establish a serviceteam that can be hired to do certain operations.
    So that might be Incorporated in a way? Not a requirement though.

    2. The Companyname is either Høie Oppdrettsservice OR Høie Havbruksservice.
    So HØIE can be used, or the initials HO or HH

    3. We like the colour BLUE, but not a requirement.

    4. We are looking for a Professional-looking logo, no flames or stuff like that.

    If we decide to use Your logo, we will pay you via Paypal for the rights.
    Price can be discussed via email.

    There are no timelimit set yet, but maybe 3-4 months?

    Alexander Høie

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