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Discussion in 'Tech' started by xlink, Dec 16, 2012.

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    Planning to build a new computer within the next month or so and I'm looking for insights. I'm admitedly not as up to date as I used to be, but I still get the gist of the basics.

    Silence(or near silence) is a priority. I also want to be able to run most games well and to record TV signal so as to use this system as a DVR.

    I'm not particularly price sensitive, but would prefer to not go into the point of diminishing returns.

    My current build plans would include
    HTPC Case (silverstone, lian-li, fractal design etc.) - something like this - or Silverstone Grandia GD08 Ultimate Media PC Case Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips - YouTube

    storage - thinking 4 harddrives(two to mirror) + SSD. Note sure of exacts and I'm open to suggestions. I haven't kept up on the market.

    CPU - I'm thinking Ivy Birdge i7. An i5 might be considered if I can get a good deal. If AMD's FX series is a substantially better value I'll consider it.
    Similarly, I'm open to the thought of waiting a few months and going for Haswell.
    Overclocking is a consideration but not a priority. I just want good enough performance for the next few years before I sell the computer/give it to family and do another upgrade.

    Motherboard: I assume something Z77 based. Any suggestions?

    GPU: I'm leaning towards a GeForce 670. I might go with something lower to hold off until the 700 series is out. I currently have a spare Radeon HD5750.

    thinking either 16 or 32GB RAM. I don't think memory makes too much of a

    Optical Drive - external BluRay Drive(might go internal depending on case)

    PSU: 600ish W modular PSU.

    Cooling: corsair H100. I already own this. I'd run it with 3x80mm fans on it at the top.

    Monitors/Display: I was thinking 3x 40" 1080p television sets. Another consideration would be going with three 27" 1440p panels (I'm thinking two/three Catleaps substituting a higher end monitor for the center screen for connectivity if required)
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    outside of everything else I would say go with gtx 650 ti 2 gb I run everything at 50 fps or higher plus with the ivy bridge you can read the pcie 3.0 slot. personally i went with the sandy bridge e 2011 so that when the higher end 2011 socketed cpu's come out I am ready without having to upgrade the mobo.

    you would have to go with a different psu though I would say the thermaltake smart m850w should do the trick cause it renders 75 amps as well which is perfect for sli in the future and the 650 ti needs 20 amps all by itself.

    Happy building m8 :drunk:

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