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    Heya RuneLocus :3

    So I have recently pre-purched Guild Wars 2, because it looks AWESOME.
    I'm pretty excited about it and decided to ask you guys about your opinion about the game.

    I mainly like the game because of its balanced PvP,
    Everybody's the same level and has the same gear stats,
    there's just different classes.
    (That's only if you decide to play on the PvP only servers)

    You also have the option to play solo and level up,
    Judging from GW1's system, the solo gameplay is in your own instance of the world. (Or with a party).

    Since I pre-purchased it, I get to play the Beta next week. (Tell me if you guys want me to record some footage)..
    Its full release will be 28 august (Pre-purchasers get a 3day head start too, yay!)

    So what do you guys think about it?

    Here's some media about the game.

    Manifesto Trailer

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