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    Those Afterward Issues</span>
    1. [*] I downloaded my fonts, now how do I use them?
      Answer: In order to use them, you need to install them. Don't be threatened by the word "Install." It's simple to do really, here's how. *Mac users bear with me, I'm showing how this is done in Windows.*

      First, hit the start button and go to Control Panel.
      In the list, you should see a folder with a green "F" in it and says Fonts. Open that folder.
      You should be given a huge list of your current fonts. Don't be intimidated by this; you don't have to do anything weird.
      With that open, simply drag the font file you downloaded from your desktop or where ever into the font folder and bam, you're finished!

      [*] Okay, but how do I install brushes?
      Answer: You don't exactly install these, all you do is put them in a folder so Photoshop can recognize them. Here's how. *Again, bear with me GIMP/PaintShop users. I have Photoshop*

      Go to My Computer and select your Local Disk drive.
      Open Program Files.
      Open Adobe > Adobe Photoshop *version here* > Presets > Brushes.
      Now simply drag your brushes file you downloaded into the folder. If Photoshop was open, restart it, and the brushes should pop up when you go to change them (in the side box).

      [*] I downloaded some cool rock textures, but I want to make them a pattern. How do I do this?

      Answer: This is more simple than it sounds. Here's how:

      Open your texture in Photoshop.
      Switch to the Paint Bucket Tool and change the option on the above toolbar to Pattern.
      Load one of the default Photoshop patterns that fits the context of your texture.
      Go to Edit > Define Pattern...
      Name the pattern what you want and hit OK and there you go! *Be sure to save the patterns file when you're done!*

      [*] Every time I post a sig/LA, people are saying my work is novice. What is the meaning of this?

      Answer: <span style="color:#CCFFFF">The term novice is used to classify your skills at graphics. Here is a list of terms and their meaning:

      Novice: This classification means you're a beginner. Your graphics are simple and easy to make. Nothing really complicated was put into it. Those new to graphics usually start as this for you're still trying to get the swing of things.

      Moderate: This classification means you're above basic knowledge. You're beginning to work with flows, special effects, and the use of filters and layer adjustments. Usually people begin pen tooling and using color related C4Ds for added effects at this stage.

      lntermediate: This classification means you know your stuff. You are using advanced techniques to add effects, such as clipping masks, textures, smudging, displacement filters, etc. You know how to make your effects flow with your stock/render properly and know how to add in the right kind of text. Most people begin manipulating images at this stage.

      Professiona|: This classification means you practically know all the whistles and bells to making graphics. You manipulate photos into beautiful artistic LAs with style and symbolism. You make your own GFX portraits consisting of realistic backgrounds, people, and imaginative characters. You vision a scene in your head and paint it directly in your graphics program. Only those who are highly experienced in graphics make it to this stage.
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