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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bartholomew_md, Aug 29, 2004.

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    Jul 19, 2004
    my draft was earlier and this is hw my team looks

    k heres my team

    starters, as of now, may change

    qb- mcnabb
    rb- priest holmes
    rb-travis henry
    wr-keenan mcardell
    wr-amani toomer
    wr- anquan boldin
    te- boo williams
    k-jason hanson


    wr- javin hunter
    rb- moe williams
    te-itula mili
    qb- jake delhomme
    wr- eddie kenninson
    k- paul edinger

    the javin hunter draft was a mistake, i ran out of time and just randomnly selected a name lol, so after the draft, i dropped him from my roster and picked up D. Givens, who had an alright year last year, and is said to have a monster year this year with tom brady gaining more and more confidence, that waiver is pending until august 31st

    and i picked denvers defense because it was ranked number 3 in the nfl last year, and it was one of the only good ones left when i got around to selecting my team.

    and as u can see i got the most dominant rb and also the 2 other rbs both in the top 15.

    my kickers are similar and are both good so ill sub them in and out

    and ill sub in the qbs according to their opponent that week, so mcnabb and the eagles r facing a team with a crappy pass defense, so ill leave him in and wait til delhomme goes against a team with the crappier pass defense

    and lol this guy in my league just went all out and picked up 6 wrs lol, but he did get some decent rbs and qb

    update: i went ahead and dropped itula mili from my roster and picked up buffalos defense, which was ranked number 2 last year, so now i have the number 2 and 3 defense frm last year at my disposal

    feel free to post ur teams or discuss players or whatever here
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    my team is lookin ok...heres my roster:

    QB-Tom Brady
    RB-Stephen Davis
    RB-Eddie George (i'm a cowboys fan, i had to pick him)
    WR-Randy Moss
    WR-Marty Booker
    WR-Donte Stallworth
    TE-Bubba Franks
    K-Sebastian Janikowski

    Overall i like my team, i think my wrs are the best in my league, but i would like a new RB to switch around with Eddie.
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    Jul 4, 2004
    What is fantasy football? :rolleyes: ;)

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