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    I don't read comics, but this is an exception since it's drugs in comic form.
    This. Is. Soo. Good. Now I wouldn't recommend spending $3 an issue for ~75 issues but there are ways you can get it on your screen for free (that's all I'm going to say). But I'm definitely buying the serialized books sometime for a total of maybe $200.

    This reminds me, I forgot to get their latest issue that was released last Wednesday. I'm so giddy.

    Oh, I wrote a review on this series for my A. P. Language and Composition during my junior year so I'm gonna attach that. It's 6 pages long so read it if you are really bored. Wait, actually I'm not because I don't know how to. Oh well. That one essay got me an A+ for the quarter lol. :lol:


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