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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by .BR., Dec 25, 2006.

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    Oct 24, 2006
    Well after a decent argument in a completely different thread I feel the need to see what you guys think about each.

    Loading Times Examples of Each (Not Advertising):
    Loading Times Prt. 1
    Loading Times Prt. 2

    G4Tech Comparison:
    PSP Vs. DS:Lite

    And the only thing I disagree with above, is the loading times she says are the same but given the video's above that statement is false.

    I personally like the DS:Lite, better loading times and in my view better games.

    Discuss, and make it clear which you like more. For I will try to keep track.​
  2. Pinocchio

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    Feb 19, 2006
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    I've always been a playstation fanboy so I'm gonna' have to go with the PSP.
    I'm not bothered about loading times, as long as they only have long ones at the start I don't care.
    If I have time to play, I have time to waste.
    And loading times don't make a console good.
    The graphics are better on the psp imo but the DS Lite is much cheaper.
    I'm used to the controls and the general gaming interface.
    Also as I've had playstations before I can look forward to sequels on it.
    Never really liked any nintendo consoles, 'cept maybe the gameboy colour. They get on my nerves.
  3. theIMmigrAntHOE

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    Dec 15, 2006
    hmmm. well i think it is all up to personal preference. both are great handhelds but each has its own style

    the ds is for people who want simplicity over lots of features and flashy graphics. the trade off for that is that the games are not as pretty and people may want something that can do more then just gaming (and chatting if you include pictochat)

    the psp is there for people who like lots of features and having everything built into one device. the trade off for this is it adds much to the complexity of it and it can imtimidate people who are not very tech savvy.

    as for load times i found them very minimal on both systems excluding some choice psp games (like midnight club)
  4. Chakka

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    Jul 11, 2006
    The closet...I think I'm stuck...
    Cant really comment on load times as I've never loaded up a PSP, used them, just never loaded them up. For me though the Lite will always be better. PSP surprised me in being the first Sony console ever to truly live up to the hype on graphics, and its 3-D stick seemed well thought out (although I have since heard lots of PSP owning friends complain about it so maybe it wasnt as good as I thought). I also think the DS's touch screen is over-hyped. To be honest there are very few games I use it on, although the dual screen is well worth it. However at the end of the day there are more games on DS i want, its internet features are incredible and the graphics are perfectly adequate for me. The PSP also breaks alot, but so do all of Sony's consoles...
  5. dharmesha13

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    Jul 17, 2006
    I bought my PSP (USED) in spring 2005 and I havent had any technical problems..If your referring to PS3 being buggy, i agree with you..Thats why you hear over thousands of people talking about the "March Launch" (thats when im getting it, bugs should be fixed)

    Load times on PSP are longer..simply because its loading more content

    PSP and DS is like
    PS3 and Wii

    Made for two completely different crowds

    exactly the same with ps3..."Oh all the feature are useless,Blu-ray is a dumb idea,load times are horrible,gameplay sucks,sony copied nintendo,its too expensive.

    Then the defense, well the Wii can do about a fifth of what the ps3 can do,better online, u can actually watch dvds..and blu-ray movies,hardrive..and blah blah

    (Not trying to create a flame war)
    (I just want u to see how the two companies strategies differ,)
    and how you cant really say which one is the best...

    My personal reccomendation to someone is PSP

    while other people reccomend DS..

    This will never change..Some like it some dont..You have to figure out what u want in a handheld THEN decide which one is better for you

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