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    Hello all

    When I was younger I had a lot of time to spend on photoshop and learn the ways of you guru's but other things occupy my time now. I was curious if some were interested in whipping up something basic for my unit.

    I'll give you a little history and background. I first joined The Stalkers in the Night back in 2004 (originally founded in 1999) while playing the game Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries and I've been with them ever since. We have a great group of guys ranging from 18-62 years old! The one mech league that we participated in we had recorded over 800+ ladder drops. This league that we were apart of would do shout casts of the matches we would play. I have a link bellow if someone wanted to have a quick listen, to see what the shoutcasters thought of us. Any thoughts, idea's or concepts would really be appreciated.

    It being a emblem it can't be ridiculously big, and has to be straight to the point. We had a old clan emblem that was lost in one of our old private FTP servers. It had a basic grey shield, with two swords behind it forming a X as if they were in a sheath. A banner floating across the front said "The Stalkers in the Night". I can always resize and large images so it shouldn't be a problem. The current game we are playing is DayZ Origins, so it doesn't have to be mech themed, but just something that represents honor, unity and respect. Thank you for your time and patience.


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