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    Note: consoleid in global.conf can be all "00" , so enter the "00" byte 16 times for it to work (32 0 total)

    [​IMG]What is this?[​IMG]

    This is basically the method to hack every trophy on Playstation 3, from editing the TROPTRNS.DAT, the file that is installed, everytime you run a game, and it's basically the files that actually stores the trophy status and unlock date.

    Difference between TROPTRNS.DAT and TROPUSR.DAT

    The difference between the two files is:

    TROPTRNS.DAT: Actually stores trophy unlocks and status
    TROPUSR.DAT: Stores trophy timestamps and displays them in the trophy collection (XMB)​


    • Trophy Modding Toolkit:
    [URL=""]Click Here for Download[/URL]
    • HxD
    [URL=""]Download HxD[/URL]
    • Ps3 Timestamp Generator
    [URL=""]Download Ps3 Timestamp Generator[/URL]


    • Step 1: Download the folder and modify the global.conf as stated. (New update includes already made global.conf)

    • Step 2: Take your NPWR0XXXX_00 from your Ps3 (dev_hdd0/home/000000XX/trophy/)

    • Step 3: Put your NPWR Folder in (C:\) in your Computer.


    • Step 4: Open TRNS Tool.exe , and input "d" to decrypt, then you will be asked to insert you NPWR folder name, stored in C:\.


    • Step 5: Now your TROPTRNS.DAT will be decrypted. Open it in HxD and look for Offset 0x2C0, this is the trophy installation date , you will se two timestamps, first timestamps is Block 2C1-2C7, second is block 2C9-2CF , as you can see each timestamps is composed by 7 bytes. You do not need to modify these timestamps.


    • Step 6: First trophy is block 340-3EF , to unlock it you are going to change these bytes:

    Offset: 357 is the status, for each trophy block , the status is located at second line, seventh coloumn. To unlock the trophy, change it to "02" , it means the trophy is unlocked

    Offset: 373 is the trophy id, you can see id's in the TROPCONF.SFM file, stored in the NPWR folder, the first trophy in the Hex (first block) is going to be the 2nd trophy cause the Platinum is going to be the last one with id "00" , to set the id at Offset 373, just copy the byte that is over this one example:​

    Block: 377-37A is the trophy type, its gonna be:​
    [LEFT]Bronze: 04 00 00 10[/LEFT] [LEFT]Silver: 03 00 00 10[/LEFT] [LEFT]Gold: 02 00 00 10[/LEFT] [LEFT]Platinum: 01 00 00 10[/LEFT]
    Now you will have to look at TROPCONF.SFM and see which trophy has the ID you set and print the bytes for the trophy type. You can do the same thing since copying the byte that is over.​


    Offset: 380 Here you will have to print your 2 timestamps. In a legit earned TROPTRNS.DAT the 2 timestamps are different (milliseconds difference) , but now you can put the same for both entries, so generate it with Ps3 timestamp generator and paste it. See Step 5 for positions and blocks.​


    Each Trophy Block starts with:​
    00 00 00 04 00 00 00 A0 00 00 00 ID 00 00 00 00
    and ends with:​

    00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

    • Step 7: First trophy is unlocked. Now repeat this action for all trophies. Then look for these positions:

    Offset: 110 Here is stored your Sen ID , if you're using a TROPTRNS.DAT from a user where you already did access Sen, there will be bytes with your sen ID, otherwise they will be nulled.

    Offset: 167 Here is stored the number of total entries, to determinate this, you will have to insert the number of trophies you unlocked , +1 , for example: You unlocked 51 trophies. In Hex: 51 = 33. So you will put 34.​

    • Step 8: To unlock the platinum trophy or the one with ID 00 (Games without plat) , you will have to insert it at the end, as last trophy.

    • Step 9: When you're done editing your TROPTRNS.DAT, save it and open TROPTRNS Tool.exe again, input "e" and your NPWR Folder. Upload it to your Ps3 , log in your SEN account and Sync the trophies.

    Q: Your tool is not working for me, how can i fix it?
    A: If my tool is not working for you just use these commands on pfdtool to decrypt:
    Encryption: -g NPWR*****_00 -e (your Path) TROPTRNS.DAT
    Decryption: -g NPWR*****_00 -d (your Path) TROPTRNS.DAT
    Q: Timestamp generator wont generate my hex value, what can i do?
    A: Make sure you did add all values in textboxes.


    • BuC-ShoTz: Helping me with structure
    • DEREKTROTTER: Trophy type and other useful help
    • flatz: Pfdtool developer​

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