buying ps3 accounts [to borrow]

Discussion in 'Request' started by nickpwned, Sep 9, 2010.

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    May 10, 2010
    Ok so I made a post like this before and no body answered but gonna try again im askin to see if anyone is willing to let me borrow a ps3 account that has stuff bought and hasnt been activated on more then 5 ps3s. I have some credits or some accouts to give if u let me and also its not gonna harm you in any way by just letting me borrow it

    ( lets say i was the person to steal your account [which im not] You can just retrive it through password)

    So just askin if I can

    I got really nothin to give besides credits and a few accounts...
    The only accounts I remember that I have to trade is RUNESCAPE because i cant find my sticky notes to some of the other game accounts I have but will add some later

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