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    hocus-pocus™- I will defiantly see what I can do, and dont worry I will make sure to post it here.

    dinges- Thanks man!

    mikey gfx- Yeah but so far with all of the help I am getting I am sure I will find a way to get the "wow" factor!

    SM Ascillor- I definatly like the idea of a meteor hurtling towards earth. Most likely this will end up being a pretty destructive scene.

    Sock- I suppose I could do something else besides destruction, but what fun would that be lol. But seriously I will think about it.

    Neuron Ahh yes, a supernova would definatly liven things up a bit, but would it almost be distracting to the eye? Mabye having a supernova in there would confuse the viewer on where they should be concentrating there view? But I really dont know.

    scarletham I will definatly think about it!

    Phritz Don't worry nothing will offend me, I know everyone here is just trying to help.

    As far as the texture goes I took several different ones and cloned in a bunch of different terrain from a bunch of images, so I could very well have something you recognize in there. Also I didn't notice any bodies of water being green, but then again my monitor is pretty dark so it is definatly a possibility.

    For the floor, I wasnt sure on how to go about that. I have never done something like that is a piece so I wasn't sure how I could get it to look realistic. How could I fix this?

    Perspective is something I do have a hard time with. So you are saying I should trying to do something with the reflection is it isnt reflecting perfectly?

    Oh and I will fix the lines!

    -=Chris=-- That is definatly a possiblity atm.

    Thanks everyone your are all great helps!
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    Well the biggest help is to imagine the piece in 3D, and sorta fly through it in your imagination. E.G. if you imagine yourself as the silhouetted figure you would probably not see the floor, unless it extended all the way to the "horizon". An idea, since the floor is a major part of your piece, is to include the complete silhouette. A help with making the lines parallel is to establish your vanishing point, the point where all lines meet. Another way to do this is too create a birds eye view of the floor, (much larger than the piece) use the perspective transform tool and chop off a large part of the bottom half. I don't think it would produce a decent result though and my tip is to include the entire silhouette.

    As for why the reflection doesn't work is part of the perspective thing and physics:


    The reflection wouldn't be completely solid either, it would have the hue of surface unless it was a perfect mirror

    A great help on working your perspective is to look up renaissance art, and comments/how to's because those were the masters of perspective and the same rules apply to 3D art.

    Hope this helps :)
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    Mar 12, 2009

    I do like the idea of a war in the background, but again, I like simplicity, and that is very close to perfect.
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    The work is not bad, though this postac does not fit me

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