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Discussion in 'Artfoam' started by nanSTA, Feb 20, 2009.

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    These is some information you should know, and also some questions you might have wanted to know. This will be updated when ever I feel it should be.

    Who is the creator and owner of Artfoam right now?
    The currant owner, and the creator of Artfoam is Asar(Russ). You can find his profile here.

    Who is the leaders and co-leaders of Artfoam right now?
    The currant leader is myself, nanSTA(Nan), you can find my profile here. There are two co-leaders, (LET IT BE)²(Kyle) his profile here, and Majbot(Jamie) his profile here.

    What is the point of Artfoam, whats the crews purpose?
    Artfoam is a graphics crew, its purpose is to spread inspiration from member to member, and also to let us communicate.

    What are the members, expected to do in the crew?
    You are expected to stay active, participate, be kind, and be generous. That's it.

    What can I do to be helpful, and maybe gain leadership?
    You can be active, which is a big role. Also, be generous, share PSD's, resources...etc.

    How can I contact any of the leaders for help?
    <span style="color:#FF0000">The easiest way is just by sending a PM to any of the four leaders. Asar(Russ), nanSTA(Nan), Majbot(Jamie), and (LET IT BE)²(Kyle).
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