Animal Crossing:city Folk

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    Animal Crossing:City Folk
    Platform: Nintendo Wii

    Animal Crossing is an RPG and Life Simulating game, similar to The Sims. The main goal in any Animal Crossing title is to just have fun and experience life inside a video game.

    -Game play-
    The world of Animal Crossing City Folk is never ending, like the previous titles. Now, for all of you old time Animal Crossing players, I'll give you a summary. There are some minor additions and adjustments from old titles. The main part being the addition of the city which you can travel to at any time (except in the very beginning, you must complete all of Tom Nook's chores first). The city is where you will find yourself spending a good amount of time, because this is where you can change your hairstyle, auction off your items, go to the theatre, meet Red, and many more things. Other changes include the Wii Remote, you cannot use a GameCube controller so, the controls may be a bit different at first, but, you will easily learn them. There are other little adjustments here and there that may be different from past games, but, nothing major otherwise. The gameplay is still fun as always. You can still travel to other player's towns, collect furniture (along with some new sets), and run around being wild like an animal. Basically, you live your life in a cartoony videogame, which makes your life seem much more interesting, because you can see how foolish you look from your own point of view.

    The graphics are the same as former titles, the nice Nintendo look, which is how it should look. Though, this game isn't supposed to be flashy, the graphics are still attractive and catch your attention with their cartoony look.

    Now, knowing this is a Nintendo game, you must know the Soundtrack is amazing. KK slider is still around, and you can get all your favorite songs from him. Not just that, but the background music for the game is catchy, I find myself moving my head to the beat quite often.

    Like I said, nothing hugely new to expect except for the city, which is where a lot of business will be done.

    -Game play- 9/10 - You shouldn't really ever find yourself really bored with the game. There's a lot of things to do all the time, with the same old classic gameplay style.
    -Graphics- 8/10 - The same old cartoony graphics, but still, very attractive and eye catching.
    -Sound- 10/10 - Come on, it's Nintendo, their soundtracks always rock.

    -Final- 8.5/10 - This game will always give you something to do and let you have fun doing it.

    If you're a long time Animal Crossing player, get this game when you have the chance. It really feels great playing it back on the big screen. This game just goes to show you, no matter how little the change, you can still have fun playing the next part in a series.</div>

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