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Default Gundam Pack

Hey guys
I've just finished making an avvy and sig pack with gundam theme.
Yeah, probably it's not so good but i think its still somewhat good.

Well, here they are, i'm searching for more background effects right now.

I made those with Gimp 2.6 by the way, and i made the one in my Avvy and sig too. I'd really appreciate your comments and critics.

Avatar =

Signature =

It's Blacky ! :3
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Since no one answered, I ll do the job haha. As for many ppl around this goes for you as well. Check out the tutorial section. It is not there for no reason you kno.
However let me have a closer look at your sig.

First of all I would like to comment the depth which is not there... It looks like you just took a render and put it in front of a non-specific background. Some background which you just had by the hand in that moment. You guys have to learn how to blend the render in the background. I like to use gradients and put them on soft light / color / normal mode and soften the opacity, maybe erase some parts out etc... that should be fine for the beginning. You can develop your style lateron...

The background itself is okay as for the state you are in. It is an okay abstract background i d say. But you have to watch the lighting. There is one main light source at the upper left, I think you d agree. however if I look at the render, the light should come from far out the sig, in front of the render and upper right. look on the front shoulder, there you have a spotlight.
So you either erase that light source or you edit the render a little bit so that the light fits. That is your choice. It just has to fit more.

Then you have to work on your coloring as well. Here come again foto filters, gradient filters, color adjustements, hue/saturation, ecc... in very handy. You should use em.

The border freaks the hell out of me. Hahah. Sorry. Just take a border which is 5-10x as fat as yours and put it on top and bottom and leave right and left out. That s a nice movie effect I like to use very often. It makes the whole sig a little thinner, since you tend to use odd pixels.

I think those were the main points. Have fun and keep goin!
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