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Yeah so I used to love to make signatures, but it was too time consuming so I stopped, but I tried making one for myself on one of the car forums I'm on and I just took a stock photo of a mustang and I did some smudging and layers. How do you think it turned out? Anything you think I can improve upon?

Heres the stock: **NO RIPPING >:o**

And heres a sample of my old old work. I've noticed pretty much everyones sig is full of speckles, like they used a small smudge brush and then sharpened that several times. Most of my stuff was all just brushes.

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Not being mean, but yes there is a lot you can improve on.
First of all, you put all over your effects all over the mustang which is your focal.
You should try putting your effects more around your renders (the mustang) and a few on the edges of it to help blend into your background.
Also you should have had someone render that out for you in render requests and create a background your self.
And you seem to have a pretty basic idea for Photoshop now so you should just open up a blank file put a colored background in with a render.
and just goof around with every tool and filter you can tinker with, don't worry about how it looks just get some ideas on how to make effects
To use in your art work. So with that said, for the mustang signature I'd say take the effects off the mustang and try adding some effects around the side.
If you got any questions about anything or some effects you want ideas for or something PM me and I'll help you out if you want.
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work on ur coloring and go for a more simple style with good focal points
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Thanks for the advice guys!!
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not a bad shot for your first in 3 years. I suggest what they said and you should also make a quick trip over to the tutorial section to learn some new things since its changed a but. but hey :P its not bad for comin back into it.
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Your a perfect example of how it was like 3 years ago. Stock>brushing. I was around back then and sigs never took that long.

Sigs have evolved alot around here since you've been gone. Now you have to worry about focals, lighting, flow, colors (no more monochromatic), effects, composition, etc. quite complex for better or worse

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