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what's are the difference and advantage/disadvantages of x32 and x64 versions of windows both xp and vista, I only a few things about it like x64 has some compatibility issues with some drivers and programs and it runs faster than x32, considering you have a 64bit processor. I just want to know more about this thing

I plan upgrading to vista later on so yeah.
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use more than more than 4GB of RAM (if your motherboard supports this)
run 64bit applications
gain better performance when compressing/uncompressing, encrypting/decrypting, encoding/decoding

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support for 64bit wide registers. In most cases this doesn't directly improve performance at all outside of encoding and compiling and if so then the margin is small.

also the api for the OS is a bit different and you use different device drivers. Most of the time x86_64 drivers lag behind the standard x86_32 drivers in terms of performance.
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Yea there are alot more driver issues with 64 then 32 especially on vista 64 because vusta is just out so do research before you buy eg your programs drivers will work on teh one you want
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