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07-23-2005, 05:50 PM
Okay computer pros, this is the time to show yourself how you are REALLY good at computers.

Task is, Im upgrading my poor poor hobo computer into teh decent computer. DECENT not OMFGWTFBBQ uber leet god computer, decent okay?

now i need help with this. i know about computers too but have some problem that some of you need to solve. so im explaining this easy and you HAVE to be positive of your asnwer.

okay first of all ill let you know my computer specs.

Processor : Intel Pentium 4
CPU: 1.8 GHz
Memory: 480 RAM (its 512 mb ram but it wont show EXACT number)
Graphic card: Sis (silicon intergrated systems)
graphic card memory: 32 mb
I updated my graphic card, and now uses direct x9 but doesnt really do anything.

Mother Board speculations:
pci slots: 2
Agp slots: 0
supports dual memory channel
and everything else is there

Things im going to buy for upgrading:
- graphic card. currently i have no graphic card in any of pci slots
-New motherboard
-one 512mb stick so total of 1.24 gb of memory
-MAYBE the power supply, current power supply holds 300 watts

This is the Motherbaord i am going to buy:
Motherboard (http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=1176836&Sku=A458-2010)

This is the Memory stick im going to get:
Memory Stick (http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=586829&Sku=ULT30215)

This is the graphic card im going to get:
Graphic card (http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=1179550&Sku=P450-8536)

The problems that You are SOLVing:

1. when replacing a new motherboard, am i be able to take out the processor chip, fans, memory stick, graphic card from my OLD MOTHERBOARD and replace to the NEW?

2.When getting a new Graphic card to my NEW motherboard(around geforce 5500 fx, or 6200 either performence around these 2 same goes with ati cards and etc) which will be supporting agp x8, does it require recommended power supply usage? Look below for what type of power supply i have.

3.currently i have a 512 mb RAM stick, and i am getting another one since the new motherboard supports dual channel of memory, i decided to put a 512 RAM stick AND a 512 mb ddr stick. the question is. will the 2 sticks work together although the old stick is RAM and the new one is DDR ram? will it work together and combine to be a 1.24 gb memory?

4. graphic card slots, agp 8x and pci express
what i have heard from these, that pci express is better then agp 8x, but pci express cards are waaay cheaper then agp cards. why is that? if its better then agp then why make graphic card so cheap? which one is better to buy? pci express or agp?

5. do i need a certain processor speed to get a bigger and better graphic card? mine is pentium 4 1.8 ghz, is that good enough to handle most of them? if so name the graphic card please.

more comming soon. just trying to figure this shiz out.

07-23-2005, 07:00 PM
I am not a pro but i know a little bit...none of my advice is absolute, you proboly want to get another opinion

1. as for the processor comming out, it depends on how it is attached...if it is saudered than no...as for the fan and other items...those are usually independent of the mother board....maybe o[en up the case and have a look in there and see around whats sauldered and whats not.
2. make sure everything is compatible...motherboard with prper power output...
3. no, sddram is a different beast than ddr, but i think they will work together....
4. they are just differnt types of the same thing, like coke and pepsi, but it is dependent on the motherboard...it depends on what your motherboard supports...
5. not sure...

but check out this site (http://www.buildyourown.org.uk/) it should help you out...

07-23-2005, 07:15 PM
1. If ur new motherboard is compatible with the old stuff yes but if ot thn they wont work. For example u got a P4 processor. This processor will work for only Pentium Mobo and not AMD ones. The one u getting is a AMD mobo so that wont work.

The mobo you are buying
Its in the product description: Abitís KV7 Series motherboards deliver outstanding performance for AMD Sempron processors
Processors Supported AMD Athlon XP
AMD Sempron

a P4 processor will only work with a Pentium mobo.

Well depending on the chosen mobo the memory should be able to work.

Mobo spec: They can support up to 2GB of memory using DDR 333/400 Memory
Memory Spec: Memory Speed 400MHz PC3200

Everything else like graphics card and fans dont really matter but depends on the type of chipset of the card. The SIS one is old so myt as well get a decent GC like the one chosen that shud work with chosen Mobo.

2. Well i dont see a recommended power supply usage for GC. But recommend getting a power supply near 400ish if gaming alot and/or more fans for cooling the PC parts and providing them with the desireed power or else it will restart itself due to overheating and strain on the computer within becuase less cooling or less power

3. thats hard to say i usually seen that 2 of the same memory formats ie 2 x 512 SDRAM work together and if they not the same they dont. SOme places give you 2 of the same memoery sticks so 2 x 512mb will go up to approx. 1024mb DDR RAM and thats a good thing to have :D I recommend getting Corsair or Kingston memory as they are the best and reliable memory out there if its possible.

4. .You need a speicifc mobo for PCI express or AGP GC like for example specific mobo are needed for processors. These sites will provide alot of info for you to read - MYt be a bit too much :D but answers most of this question

5. Well 1.8Ghz for most new games like BF2 wud lag nowadays due to processor speeds. So you wud need around 3.0Ghz to run applications as smooth as possible. Plus AMD 64bit processors are bettter at running games than pentium processors, which are good at multimedia, Photoshop stuff etc. If u gona play games then a 2.8Ghz+ P4 processor shud be fine or a AMD64 processor. OR if u gona do multimedia tasks then pentium wud suit it best. The GC chosen is good with 256mb memory and wud still work under your processor but as your getting a new mobo and memory i suggest getting a new processor as well so that all this wud run very successful and wud be quite a DECENT PC :D if u got any spare cash.

Well i wud first suggest to change you mother board as it does not support pentium processors. Try and get 2 memory sticks the same (ideally 2 x 512 SDRAM or DDR2) as they wud deliver more power and work together to bring about the best out of your PC creating no laggyness when running programs. get a motherboard that supports PCI or PCI-Express Graphics card as they more better than AGP GCs.

I hope all this info helps .. please let me know B)
Well thats it for me - The longest post ive ever done phew..

[I hope i haven't made any mistakes please correct me]

07-23-2005, 10:43 PM
Ok if you are pulling out all that stuff just build a new pc.

- AMD 64 3500+
- MSI K8N Neo4-Platinum
- 1GB Corsair RAM Pc3200 - get 2 sticks of 512RAM and run in Dual Channel
- Nvidia 6800GT - pci-express, if you are hc gamer get the - 7800GT (I suggest getting a BFG or a HIS)
- Get a ePower Tagan PSU, good stable and reliable.
- I recommend getting a SATA II harddrive as they are faster

That will be a good all round pc, great for any game and any application. Its up to you to decide between windows 64x or 32x edition, 64x is harder to find driver for but it is so much better and faster.

The parts you specified are all over the shop, the motherboard you said is for a Socket A AMD so that wouldnt work with your Pentium. That graphics card is terrible, ignore the Nvidia 5x range as they were all terrible cards. Also that motherboard you currently have will not really take any decent gfx cards. If you have the money I suggest you redo the whole thing and go with the setup I mentioned above, but give me a budget and I will give you the best bang for ya buck.

Hope that helps.

07-23-2005, 10:47 PM
i wish i had the money to get stuff to build me a computer ;(

edit: to make this post usefull, how much do you think it would cost to make a decent computer for gaming?