View Full Version : Cheater Macro Shots

08-16-2008, 04:53 PM
They're cheater shots because I don't own a macro lens. I was trying out the technique where you put the lens on backwards. The pictures might have been sharper if I'd taped the lens there, but I didn't want to use any tape, and all our tape leaves residue... Anyways, this is the result:





If you want to try this out, it's really simple. You need a ----- camera and a lens, preferably an older lens (the newer ones have a built-in mechanism that's spring loaded; it causes the F-stop to close all the way when removed from a camera. You can get around this by pulling on a metal lever-type thing and holding it back). Open the aperture all the way, and put the lens on the camera body backwards. For my lens, anything about 3.5" away was in focus, and not really anything else. Some people tape the lens in place, but you need to be careful: you don't want to have sticky stuff from tape left on the lens or camera body.

I'm not sure about long-term effects, because you are exposing the rear side to UV light, which, as far as I know, is bad. Not only that, but the lens isn't secured very well, so dust, among other things, can get on the mirror.