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06-19-2008, 02:06 AM
Alright all, the explanation is in the first post under update. Let me see if I can try to do a few tonight if anyone is on.

06-19-2008, 02:39 AM
Well pretty dead tonight, maybe tomorrow.

06-19-2008, 02:44 AM
Welcome Back Kalli, havn't seen you in ages.

06-19-2008, 09:37 PM
Hey nansta, yea been awhile for away....originally just started limiting how much I was getting on due to the decrease in activity here....but then ran into some problems, but am pretty much settled for at least the next year til i make another move again

anyways, i am on right now for anyone who wants to post a tag in here

06-19-2008, 09:43 PM

06-19-2008, 10:00 PM
.BC.Zephy -

Well first off, I do very much have to compliment the colors in this tag. I do very much enjoy those, and I actually think if they were a little more distinct on the left, and as well as a tad more color on the far right side as there is near the focal, I think that would improve the tag. I do not think too drastically, but one of those small tweaks that you are able to make. I like the focal area in this tag, and I think it merges pretty well with the left side of the tag. However, not so much on the right side I think more because the left and middle are kinda all there basically, the far right side seems a tad empty. It is almost as you forgot to fill it in over there. Also with the effects that are over there they kinda disrupt the flow of the tag, because they almost appear as left overs of the c4d renders that were used in the rest of the tag, that were forgotten to be erased.

Now I think there are a few slightly larger things in the tag that could be fixed or worked on to improve. The first off being the quality of the tag. The quality of the overall tag I would not complain so much about except that there are a few smaller areas that ruin those areas of the tag. The majority of the tag seem as though it is very smooth but there are a few areas that are a tad sharp in the edges and what not. I would either try smoothing those areas out, or possibly adding a few more sharper effects, as well as effects in between to even out the tag. The next thing I believe myself, is that something could possibly be added into the tag. It is almost as though there is something missing from the tag, because although it is full, it comes off empty in an aspect. I think it might be the right side, so maybe just adding some text might help that, or even a top and bottom border (no border on the sides). The very last thing that I would have to comment on is the lighting. The light source is too overwhelming and is even in the wrong area of the tag. First off, when adding a light source, you need to pay attention to the detail in the renders or focal points, and in this case, the render has the light source coming from the other side. So your light source is first off on the wrong side of the tag. As well, it is a tad strong and does not have enough transition in the tag. I would maybe dampen in down just a tad and make it span out a tad more.

06-19-2008, 10:04 PM
okie dokes, thank you for the very clear(though epic) explanation.

06-20-2008, 02:30 AM
Come on people, don't make me close this....I would like to keep this open, but one a day? Not worth it, sorry.

I will try getting online a tad earlier tomorrow to see if that changes anything.

06-20-2008, 02:44 AM
If your still here.


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06-20-2008, 10:53 PM
Alright people, I will be on for about an hour then on a little later, so go ahead and start hitting it up.

06-20-2008, 10:59 PM
Kalli! I got two for you :)



06-20-2008, 11:29 PM
nanSTA -

Ok well, I will go ahead and be totally upside down on this and start with the second tag. Well with this tag, all I can say is that I have seen in the past before I left MUCH better from you in my personal opinion. Honestly, I know that this is most likely not what was done, but it looks like you blurred a large c4d in the background and then made it smaller and put it in focus as the main focal point in the tag. There just does not seem like there is anything going on within the tag, it seems kinda dull. I think that if there were more flow, lighting, contrast, and just even a little going on in the tag it would look so much better. I can usually pin point better in tags than I am doing with this one, but I just cannot really pull anything out of this one, as it just seems like the tag was never finished.

Then for the second tag, I think that this is more of a nanSTA tag in my opinion. Although, maybe not the best work I have seen from you, this is one of those tags that you can tell you made as it sorta has somewhat of your style within the tag. The first thing I was looking at in this tag was the dark/light contrast in the tag. I know that a good style for some tags is almost that faded look, but in this tag I think it would look better if it had a little more contrast and not so much of the faded out look. Also I think that has an effect on the lighting as well, because with some more darker colors and some more vibrant colors as well, I think the light source would fit in more. In this case, the light source is a color that in my mind does not even fit in with the tag, it just stands out too much. I do not think just coloring it without some more contrast in the tag would help either. The next thing that I was looking at was the speckles that you have all over the tag. I do like those effects on the right side and in the middle, but I think they stand out a tad too much on the left. I think if they were just cut down a tad bit and maybe even smaller, because they seem a tad large on the left side, it might look a tad better in my personal opinion.

However, I am not seeing almost any flow in this tag at all. With all of the effects that you have in the tag, and how chaotic it looks in the back, I think some more effects causing some flow in the tag would look better. I think that if even you had a few effects in the front that were a tad sharper that showed a little somewhat flow it might look better. Right now, in my mind, it just seems as though the tag was rushed and kinda comes off a tad messy. However, I do like the effect in the front middle/right position that is right over the render. I think that has a special feel to it and it definitely stands out but as well, I think it looks very well done. However, it looks as though in the bottom right corner, part of it got put over there by accident (looks that way) and maybe either fix that and blur it like the rest of the tag, or possibly remove it.

Prince Zainx
06-21-2008, 12:38 AM
Try Me :)

I used to be known as Zainu



http://i299.photobucket.com/albums/mm299/n6420/Tags/Typography.png http://i299.photobucket.com/albums/mm299/n6420/Tags/Typography2.png



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06-21-2008, 03:19 PM
Sorry matador and vanquish, I left my status as online last night. But since I did that I will go ahead and critique your tags to be fair. Also for future reference, please read the rules as I do state that I only want one tag per person per day. Since I have been gone though I will let today be a multiple tag day, but starting tomorrow I will only critique the first tag in your post.

Vanquish -

I am going to start with your last tag(s) first, because they seem the most simple to desrcibe and I need to warm up as I am still a little tired. I would say out of both versions that I think the second version is the better of the two. Although I am not too much of a fan of either as I do not care for these type of tags because in my own opinion they are not that skilled of tags. This one though is nice, and fairly simple to the point where it is looked at as a placement tag, because without good placement, this tag would be totally ruined. So there is not too much critique I can put into a tag like this, as there are not really any elements to these tags except placement and the amount in the tag. So I would say go with the second one, as the first just seems to be a tad too empty without the text.

Ok now I will go to the first tag, the hulk tag. Well first off, I just want to compliment your lighting job in the tag. I think that it was very well placed first off and the color of the lighting was chosen very well also. Then I think also that you didn't just use a soft brush and mess around with the layer opacity and what not, but actually took time to do the lighting. I would have to say this is one of the most well done lighting jobs in a tag I have seen in awhile. Next I want to focus on the text for a brief moment. Now I think the text was done well, but I do think that it could still be improved. The 'HULK' text I think is probably good enough, not too much improvement to be done there, but the 'Not My Choice' text could use a little work. I think the main thing that just doesn't work for me too well is the font type that was chosen and especially with the lighting, the font just seems to be too thin for that to work in my opinion. So I would almost just try to pick out a slightly thicker font, especially for it to flow a tad more with the 'HULK' text.

How I can not really complain at all about the depth of the tag, as I think with the buildings in the background with the c4d effects in the front, that portrays depth very well, and I do not see much room at all for improvement there. However, in my mind I think that there are a few things that could be improved with the effects of the c4d renders in this tag. The first of which is located on the left side of the render, even though there is only a small amount, there is a small problem I can see. I look at it, and what first comes into my mind is that the effects just fade too much. I am not really sure if they so much fade too much, or if it just might be too soon. Either way, I think if they stood out just a tad more, but still not overdoing the effects on the left, that it might improve it just a tad. Then on the right, I like this area for the most part except closer to the bottom of the tag. The kinda foggy type feel with the white lighting throws me off from the rest of the lighting and the effects. I think that basically for me to look better, it just needs to be toned down and kinda just look like the rest of the effects, with nothing needed to be added towards the bottom of the tag.

Ok now finally, for the last tag (well, the second tag). This is probably actually my least favorite out of all three tags, and that is saying something considering I am not too much for the style of the third tag at all. I am not saying it is a bad tag, or that the effects and what not are just displayed badly, but there is one problem for me in the entire tag. That problem is simply the color of the tag. The tag overall is just completely and totally monotone and just makes the tag a bore to look at, and it does not come across all that appealing. I think that if you added some other color, or maybe even chose a different color to monotone the tag in it might look better, but right now in my personal opinion the color just makes the tag a bore. Secondly I want to discuss the lighting effects done in the tag. After the first tag, I would just expect basically some amazing lighting jobs from you in tags like these, but I am actually disappointed in the lighting in this tag. There is no real light source coming from anywhere in the tag, yet there are two light sources on the focal point. The lighting is coming from both sides of the render in this tag, but the only light source that seems to be in the tag itself is in the back of the tag on top, and even then it is hard to decide if that is even suppose to be a light source. So I would maybe work a little more with the lighting to get something that justifies the tag with a light source in there somewhere.

Again, I think that the depth is decent in this tag, and although this time you probably could do somewhat with a little more depth, it is not needed as much as a few other aspects within the tag. Next I want to go very direct with you on the flow in this tag. I think directly near the focal point of the tag, the flow just seems to be done very well, not perfect, but good enough. That is, until you reach the far right side which is where the flow of the tag is thrown off by those two lines. It seems as though the flow is going to the right in that direction but then these are going in the exact opposite direction and just kinda catches you off guard and throws it off. The effects and the text are done decently well, and actually I do personally like the text in this tag. The effects I think are a tad overwhelming in some spots, and also it just does seem all that was done was a few c4d renders were thrown into the tag, and nothing done aside from that.

So all in all, the first tag, the 'HULK' tag was done the best out of the three. The second tag I think was just lacking overall, and I think it could have turned out better with maybe some more time put into it. I mean after looking at the first tag, my instinct would tell me that you almost rushed on the second tag. Then lastly, the third tag, again not my favorite style, I think was put together rather decently.

06-21-2008, 03:35 PM
Matador -

Well, I am judging from not getting any comments in your thread that you know this is probably gonna come off kinda harsh. But I want to warn you before I critique and you read it, that this may seem a little harsh, but I am just trying to be honest and to help you out.

I want to start off this with looking at the text in the tag. When working with the typography of a tag, you can not rush into it and just place some text into the tag, because text is just as important as lighting or even the effects of the tag. With bad typography, follows virtually a ruining of the tag itself. No I am not saying that the text however ruins this tag, but however it does drop it a notch on a scale. You have two sets of text in this tag, which are 'Green' and 'Matador', and unfortunately neither help the tag whatsoever. First off, the fact that you overlapped the two texts, was a bad idea in the first part, as well as having lowered the opacity on the 'Green' text. What I would suggest doing actually is removing both sets of text, and taking a good amount of time and sit there and think about the best placement for the text, and then once you do that, put the text in and go through every single font, and then go through multiple sizes of the text. Just remember, text is not something that can just be thrown in, it also takes skill and thought. Now although you have incorporated flow into the tag, unfortunately it is not the best type of flow. There are two types of flow, there is flow within the tag, and there is forced flow. In this tag, I am seeing forced flow and that is all. The background effects have no flow whatsoever, they just seem to be totally random, and it appears that you added those lines to create flow in the tag. First off the lines themself kinda helped ruin the tag as they are not all that appealing, and by forcing flow, it is as though you are trying to force the tag to have what it needs in order to be a good tag. You can not do that, because a good tag should have that without too much effort.

The last few things I want to look at are the overall effects, the lighting, and the color/contrast of the tag. First off, the overall effects of the tag just seem to be lacking in general. It seems as though, apart from the lines you added, the background was just randomly made and then you slapped a render onto it to try and make it look better. Unfortunately it does not work that way, and you have to work with the render and the background together to make sure they fit with one another. Also, I think if you looked at some tutorials it might help you because you can get some ideas of how to use some more advanced techniques with the effects of the tag. Next is the lighting of the tag, which like the flow seems too forced. It looks as though all you did was after you finished the tag, you took a white soft brush and just put in on top of everything and maybe even lowered the opacity and called that your light source. Again, you want to incorporate the lighting with the rest of the tag, which means placement, color, and even the look of it. This type of light source is not the best, and although sometimes it may work the best for the tag, you need to be able to blend it in so it looks realistic and not forced. Lastly, the color and contrast of the tag are just boring, bland, and sadly unappealing. The color just seems to be dull and is lacking any vibrance whatsoever. You want to work with color so it stands out and it makes someone want to look at the tag, rather than just glancing at the tag. Also contrast is a very big part of the tag, and the fogged over look only works on a few select tags. In this case, you can really tell contrast is needed by looking at the render, because the render seems almost to be washed out of color. This tag is definitely needs some more darker areas, as well as maybe a tad few brighter areas as well.

06-21-2008, 03:39 PM
Hello, Kalli. I'd appreciate your epic CnC on some of my tags..




06-21-2008, 03:44 PM

kinda sucks that everything i did was wrong lol

06-21-2008, 03:49 PM
Matador -

Yea sometimes unfortunately you can get the worst critique ever, but all that means is that you learn from your mistakes. Everyone always had just horrible tags, but from what I have seen is that after some work they always come out with an amazing tag. So do not let this put you down at all, but just to try harder.

06-21-2008, 04:17 PM
Anything-Pink -

I am gonna start with the second tag, because like earlier it seems like the easier tag to critique, and that always helps me give better critique on the other tags. Also, apparently I seem to lately like going out of order! Anyways, I am assuming that this is more of a photo manipulation tag than anything else considering if you were to normally look at this tag and know nothing of the render, you would think you did almost absolutely nothing. Now if you made the moon yourself, and the water and ground I give you major props and I think you did an amazing job. However, in my experience I have never seen anyone on GR ever actually do that well. I am gonna assume that you did not though, and with that in mind I am gonna have to say I am not too sure what all you really did to the tag. I am just seeing a render on a background and you added some dots in there for some effect. So, all I can really comment on are the dots, and actually I think the dots were overdone and kind of even stand out a tad too much. Meaning that they are almost too fat and there are a few too many for that size.

Now for the first tag, I saw that this was going to be your SOTW entry, so I will try to go into a little more detail on this tag for you. The first thing that I am really not liking is the canvas size. I saw your original size in your own thread and actually preferred that size. Although like many said, that lighting was just too overwhelming and it seemed a tad empty, I think that if you worked more with it, that size would actually work better with the tag and even improve the tag. The next two things I am looking at are the border and the text in the tag. The border is not bad, but I would like to maybe tell you to try it without the border or even a different border, because I truly am not sure why, but this border just seems to bother me with this tag. Then with the text, I think it needs to be totally redone actually. Your name is not so bad, except I do not like the box around it at all, but the 'Pride' text I think just partially ruins the text because of the font type and color with it having a border. Also I would try messing around with a different positioning in the tag for the text, because having it at the very bottom of the tag rarely works to the point where it improves the look of the tag rather than ruining it somewhat.

The next thing I am looking at is the lighting in the tag, and it is probably one of the bad qualities in the tag. The light source looks as it should be coming from the far left side, and the left side looks like it should have a light source over there, but it is seeming to dull and bland over there. Then to top it off you have a small light source in the background to the immediate left of the focal point. I think you need to tone down that light source, and brighten up the light source on the far left. I think if the light source were more intense on the left it could greatly improve the tag, especially since on the focal point it is VERY intense ( I would maybe even suggest trying to down it down just a tad there, but not too much). Now the effects are kind of odd, and there are several things I think could use some improvement. First off, in the original version the flow was done fairly well, but then in the second version you added the effects on the right side of the tag and you totally ruined the flow. The flow was just going to the left, but then all of the sudden on the right its going in the opposite direction and it just looks really out of place there. Also I think that if you had some more blurred effects in the background and some more sharper effects in the front, it would create some better depths. Right now it is just mixed up, and just seems weird, and the left side especially seems out of place because some of it is sharper and some of it is blurred, but it appears to be in the same distance, so I would try working on that.

06-21-2008, 04:20 PM


Prince Zainx
06-21-2008, 04:22 PM
Thank you Kalli :)
Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, and I think you just gave me yours, in a orderly manner.

As for my tags, I made the Third one first, then the Second one and finally the First (Hulk) one. The third one was just experiment using my Pen Tool techniques and some shapes I found on the net. So I myself am not pleased with the outcome of that tag as well, we're on the same boat there. The Aston Martin one, was just me throwing C4d Renders here and there, and experimenting a new coloring technique I learned a while ago, so nothing to important on that tag as well. As for the First one, in my opinion it is one of my favorites since, I used techniques far beyond what I usually do. You are right, I did not use just a brush for the lighting as I wanted it to look that something was hitting him but not in the usual Circle manner. I am not going to tell what I did there :P but, I did use more than just brushing, layer blending and other filters / tools in Photoshop.

I thank you again, for taking your time Critiquing my Tags, even though I am not a big fan of myself either ;)


06-21-2008, 11:24 PM
I am on for awhile everyone. DRM, sorry I left earlier before I could critique yours but I had to go help my father with something.

06-21-2008, 11:43 PM
can you do it now? or do i repost lol?

06-21-2008, 11:51 PM
Haha sorry DRM, I was getting myself a drink. I actually write my critiques in another program just in case my internet goes down, or something goes wrong I am sure I will not lose them. I am actually writing them as we speak.

06-21-2008, 11:55 PM

Prince Zainx
06-22-2008, 12:03 AM
Hey Kalli :P
If you have time try this one!



06-22-2008, 12:05 AM
DMR002 -

Just to stick with my completely randomness today in not critiquing the first tag first, I am going to as well start with your second, or your Hulk tag. Now I am wondering to myself if this is the first or second hulk tag that you made (as your current tag looks to be of a similar style with the same render), because it seems almost as though not as much time was taken into this particular tag. The effects seem to be a tad overwhelming when you are first presented with the tag, especially with looking at how the canvas size is quite large, and the render itself seems to be so small comparatively speaking. Then when you take that into account, the effects of the tag are just all swirls, and there is nothing really else to the tag, and even those seem to just be randomly liquified. Also, the background itself seems to just be messy and chaotic with no real thought other than to have something going on within the background. Then also, there is just no real flow in the tag at all due to the randomness of the effects themselves. Lastly, there is no lighting whatsoever in the tag aside from what is already on the render. So all in all, in my personal opinion, I do not think that this tag was very well put together, but almost in my mind seems like it would have been either rushed to made or just trying out a few new things and this was the outcome.

Ok now for the first tag, which I will say by no doubt I truly do love this tag. With the empty space and the text that was chosen combined, I really do like this tag. Although there are a few areas in which I can see why others may not feel the same about the tag. First off, although I really do like the text, I still do think that it could be even better than what it is. I love the placement, and the amount of text, but the font is not to my liking all that much. I almost think if maybe you went with a font that maybe would accent the focal point a tad more, and almost be more abstract like it would look quite nice. Now I know a lot of people do not like empty space, and if you wanted to compensate for that, all I would suggest doing is maybe making a little more light coming from the focal point and having it transition a little more into the empty space. Although, I do not feel that it would be necessary as I like it the way it is personally. Now for the abstract and focal point itself, there is only two things I can really point out in that. First off, although the effects are nice, I think it might be a little too random. Random is good, especially for abstract, but with that circular figure and the way everything comes off of that, I think that if there were a little more flow in that general direction of the tag going outwards it would actually look a little better. Then lastly, I like how in the middle it has those really dark spots, but once you get out of the immediate middle you lose that effect, and I think maybe if there were a few more darker areas it would also look nicer. All in all though, I think this tag was done very well.

06-22-2008, 12:09 AM
great Cnc mate, for the first tag, its a funny story actually, first it was a FF tag and i really didn't like the render, i erased the render out and made it abstract and it looked pretty cool but a little empty, then i added hulk and i wasn't too happy but i just really didn't care at that point.

06-22-2008, 12:22 AM
.BC. steez -

Hmm shall I be normal for once and start with the first tag? Nah! Haha! Ok anyways for the second/gorillaz tag. I am actually not feeling this tag in anyway whatsoever at all. Compared to your 'Envy' tag, this seems as though something you just quickly pulled out of photoshop without really taking the time to sit there and work ona good tag and put your full skill into it. First off, the text needs to be removed out of the tag completely. The font and placement you chose were actually both bad. I always tell everyone the text is not just something to throw into a tag. It requires just as much thought if not more than choosing your render, canvas size, and even the type of graphics you are going to use in the tag. Text can completely make or break a tag, even as small as typography sometimes seems. Next is that c4d render that you have placed in the tag, which in my personal opinion is completely out of place. You have all these nice colors in the tag, a nice render, and some smudging background, but then all of the sudden there is the out of place, out of color c4d render stuck in there. I am not actually certain why you would have put this in the tag. Next is the background itself that I want to point out. You have basic, and I mean basic smudging that you have done here, and unfortunately with that being your only background effect, it makes the tag very boring to look at. You need more going on in the background of the tag, and for that matter in the focal point as well. Your pen tool is pretty good, but again it just does not seem to fit in all that well. Overall, the tag just seems to be randomly put together.

Now for the first tag you posted. Unfortunately, even though this is a better tag, I think the only thing that is actually keeping the tag looking nice are the renders. The renders themselves, especially for the jacket stand out quite a lot and kinda make it so that is the only thing you look at. Now that is good considering that is your focal point, but you do not want the best part of your tag to be the render, which you had nothing to do with making. I do like how there is almost a picture rip in between them which works well for the envy message you are trying to get into the tag. I also do really enjoy the text in this tag unlike the other tag, I think you really did put thought into it this time. However, the 'Envy' on the right where you wrote it out in either liquify or smudge, I am not feeling all that well. I really like the idea and I think it could work if maybe it was just a tad bit cleaner. Also having such a larger and more vibrant smudging right next to it of the same thing does not help it stand out as much as it should. With this tag though, I think there should have been a tad more done to the tag, because right now it does really seem just a tad too simple. There is no real depth, flow, or even lighting in the tag which in most cases are important elements in a tag. You do not always have to have all three to make a good tag, but lacking all three is never a good thing.

06-22-2008, 12:28 AM
thats got to be the best critique ive ever gotten, lol.

06-22-2008, 12:35 AM
Vanquish -

To be honest Vanquish, after your 'Hulk' tag and even your 'Aston Martin' tag, I am kinda dissapointed with this one. The overall feel of the tag is very soft, which in some cases works quite well, but in this case it is soft, but it is also kinda boring. I know that with Captain America, pride is a very big thing and I think mixing both of those is a definite good thing for trying to show pride, but unfortunately it just does not seem to have enough going on elsewhere in the tag. The first thing I keep looking at is the left side background. For some reason my eye keeps wanting to wander over there and try to figure out what the heck is blurred in the background. With the front of the tag there are clouds, so then looking at the background and seeing just some randomness back there, it makes you try to figure out what is going on back there and in my personal opinion deviates you away from the the true meaning of the tag. It comes across you tried to get a smooth look to the tag, maybe not a soft look as it came out, and I think with Captain America it would look quite nice. Although, with the tag it is almost that foggy type look, and I think with some more contrast in the tag, that might even help it quite a bit actually. I would suggest giving that a try and seeing what you get.'

The last few things I am really looking at are the text, lighting, and the clouds. I think that the clouds look pretty good until they are under the render then they just look kinda funny. It looks like you may have tried to cut some of them out so they were not too overwhelming. What I would suggest doing is just using several pictures of clouds, and find some taller clouds or really puffy clouds that you could just use the tips of to put over the render. Also maybe having them build up a little more on the right would help too. Now the lighting I think could be fixed a lot in this tag actually. You have the position of the light source correct, but it is way too overwhelming right on his head. What I would try doing is moving it a little to the right of his head, and tone it down a little right on his head and make it transition a tad more to the rest of the tag as well rather than just focusing on one spot. Then for the text, I think there is just too much for this tag. There is just so much text, especially with three different types of fonts as well. So maybe try using some simpler fonts instead of cursive, or trying to use less font, or even using some smaller font on a few of the words.

06-22-2008, 12:42 AM

06-22-2008, 12:44 AM
Suspect, before I critique, this is one of those tags it is hard to tell exactly what you did. Do you happen to have a link to the stock or render?

Prince Zainx
06-22-2008, 12:59 AM
I get exactly what you mean

Will see what I can do about this one :P


06-22-2008, 01:55 AM
Original http://www.progressiveu.org/system/files/dos.JPG Mine http://www.imgtags.com/uploads/99786.png

06-22-2008, 01:59 AM
Ok well sorry Suspect, I actually am getting off right now. I will critique your tag first thing when I get on tomorrow.

06-22-2008, 02:01 AM
No Problem ^^ Thanks.

06-22-2008, 07:53 PM
Suspect -

Well I have never been too big of a fan of the tall canvas sized tags, but this one is pretty decent. The first and very most thing I think should be done to this tag though is to emphasize the red in the tag. The 'Lust' text seems the most red out of anything, and I think that if you went in throughout the tag and emphasized the red on her dress and even lips, that the color and overall appeal of the tag would be improved quite a bit. Next what I was looking at is the left side of the tag and that line that goes up and down. I know the line is from the stock photo, but I think if you either clone stamped that out or possibly even just cropped that line out it would look better because as of right now it just seems random and out of place. What I was looking at next is the dark and light contrast throughout the tag. I think that if you got some darker areas throughout the tag, mainly on the girl in the photo, it would improve it just a tad.

Now, I like how you have the pen tool/brush effects that make it look like there are ribbons going throughout the tag. That fits very well into the tag, especially with the dress on her, it just seems to fit perfectly. However, that effect in the top right just seems to be a little of bad quality and almost over contrasted right there. I would suggest maybe trying to remove that completely from the tag. The last thing that I am looking at is the text. I like the "Lust' text, and I think it actually fits in the tag very well, and probably does not even really need any improvement on that. However, the 'Suspect' tag ruins the typography completely and even brings down the tag appeal a notch. I would suggest either making it more subtle or removing it, or possibly even just redoing it to make it fit in with the tag a bit more.

06-22-2008, 08:03 PM
Hello, Kalli. I really do love the advice you've given me. So maybe you can also CnC my latest, I feel like it needs improvement but I don't know what to do.. :(


06-22-2008, 09:06 PM
Anything-Pink -

Hmm, lots of people seem to be doing the tall canvases lately. Oh well, I guess I am gonna have to get used to seeing these around. The first thing that is continuously catching my eye that needs improvement is the grass at the bottom of the tag. I think because the front of the tag is so blurred is a problem. I see what you are trying to do, mainly like a photograph focusing on the tree. However that extra branch type thing you added looks like it is even before the grass, which is peculiar considering the grass is blurred but it is not. Also with it having a slightly different contrast from the tree, it comes to look like it is almost out of place, and doesn't quite fit in just right as it should. Also there is a cirlce or 'O' in the middle of the tree, that kinda makes parts of it look a little under contrasted or foggy, and I would actually get rid of that.

The planet looks decent, except for the color (along with the sky). I think if the colors were more vibrant and not so foggy it would look better, so maybe just try clearing it up a tad bit. I like the bottom rings but the rings that you just see on the planet I think you could get rid of that second set. The little c4d speckles I think look good and you could maybe try adding a few more, just not as noticeable, meaning maybe with a lower opacity or what not. Also maybe try getting some good pen tool effects in this tag, I think that could look quite good as well. I think some good typography in this tag would look quite nice too because it has such a smooth feel to the tag, and with that border, it almost looks like the text is missing.

06-22-2008, 09:08 PM
Any chance on doing mine Kalli?


06-22-2008, 09:09 PM

If you ever get a chance, do this one too please :D (I will probably work on the lighting)

06-22-2008, 09:28 PM
Wow, this looks pretty cool. I've always asked people to critique my sigs, but they just give really vague ones. Your critiques are in huge detail, and you'll be seeing a lot of my sigs after today. Here's my most recent one; I followed a lot of smudging tutorials, and I basically put in my personal touches and things that I've learned.


Here's another of the same style, and was done before the first.


Thanks a lot Kalli. Anytime is fine, I'm just looking forward the critique xD

06-22-2008, 09:47 PM
Ok you three, I am gonna run to get something to eat as I have not eaten yet today. But as soon as I get back I will start on all three.

06-22-2008, 10:38 PM
Vicer Exciser -

I have been sitting here for about 10 minutes just trying to sit and look at your tag. This is gonna be a pretty short critique as I really do not see that you did really much to the tag at all. What I can say though is that I like the idea of the tag, I just think that it didn't turn out as good as it could be with that idea. First off the text in the tag, both sets, are needing some major work. The first set by more of the focal, the font is just not the best itself, and because of the location added onto it, it makes it look even worse. It looks as though you just wanted it in the focal so you squeezed it in right there. Then the text in the bottom right just looks like you put it there so you could hae your name somewhat in the tag. I do like the 'A' and the 'B', I think those work very well and having the pen tool type as the line is interesting, but I am not sure it was brought out the best. I think part of the problem is just the tag is so big and the focal point is just right there, and I think more could be done with the whole Le Parkour thing like this in the tag.

06-22-2008, 11:03 PM
Tnuckington -

I am actually not really liking this tag at all, mainly because looking at it, is just comes off way too messy and chaotic. You mentioned you might work on lighting, so I will go ahead and start with that. Right now you currently have two small light sources, whether you put them there on purpose or not. The first is immediately to the left of the render, and the other is to the upper right of the render. Unfortunately, in aspect with the render, neither of those light sources work correctly in the tag. The direct light on the render is coming from the far left, possibly slightly in front of him. So having a small light source behind him does not work, and having one in the upper right does not seem to work at all either. Next I want to point out the flow of the tag, which currently there is none of. In a tag using so many effects and c4d renders, you need to make sure there is some sort of flow. Also a problem with that, is just using renders shows a lack of skill unfortunately, because there is nothing you do except layer options with c4d renders. I would try getting some sort of flow going on in a tag like this and it will improve it greatly.

One thing I have noticed in the tag that I do like is the text. I think though that it could stand out a tad more, and used in a more awesome way of the same type of usage you have now. I hope that makes sense to you because I know it was worded oddly. I also think that the coloring usage with all the renders was well chosen, and you also did a good job with that. The last thing though that I want to take a look at is the depth. Depth is a very important thing in most tags, especially using effects like this because it shows something great. The main thing though in this tag is that it is just so messy and chaotic, seeming as though there was no thought in the tag other than just shoving some c4d renders in there with another render.

06-22-2008, 11:09 PM
Ok Kalli I am pretty new to the world of sig making and you seem to be the critique guruu. This is one of the first sigs I have ever done like I said I am still pretty new and I would like some hardcore critiqueing done if you have the time

06-23-2008, 03:55 AM
SiKeST -

I am gonna go ahead and start with your second tag, as I hate starting with the first tag lately. The first thing that is the big problem in this tag is your pixel stretch or motion blurred background. This is actually one of the worst backgrounds you can use in a tag, aside from just a blank background. I would suggest looking up some good tutorials on using stock backgrounds, sumdging, and even using c4d renders as backgrounds. Also, scan lines are very rarely used to a good thing in a tag, and if they are they are usually used very lightly in a tag. Also, using that square being see through, I would minimize using those, as again, rarely those come out looking all that well. Also the colors in this tag seem to be just a tad too way overcontrasted, and I would suggest toning that down a tad bit. Then lastly, the text is just random, and you always want to keep that very simple and definitely dont use those shadows, or outer glows, or anything like that.

Now for the second tag, I am not gonna critique this one as it is very similar to the first critique I gave on your second tag. All I can do is suggest strongly that you look up some tutorials and just keep practicing making some tags. Also make sure that you take your time, and never try to rush a tag to get it done.

06-23-2008, 04:14 AM
AoR Loki -

Unfortunately, there is not a whole lot of critiquing I can do here without seeming harsh. So I will give you a few points, but for the most part I would suggest going and looking at some tutorials and getting better ideas of some ways to work with tags and effects. It will raise your skill level faster than any other way and you will learn some very good techniques which you can eventually turn into your own techniques. The major thing about this tag is that you have the render duplicated three times in one tag. I would suggest 95% of the time never even duplicating the render even once unless you are doing a certain type of tag, but you will learn that in the future. Next, I would never suggest having as much text like that in a tag so small, and with that make sure the font is more simple and not having any of the effects over the tag. Lastly, with your background, never just use a fractal or c4d render as your background, as if you did not make it, it shows very little skill and seems as though you put no thought into making your tag what so ever. All in all though, I would really just suggest practicing and looking at multiple tutorials. I myself have a link in my signature that leads to 29 tutorials that will teach you many different techniques.

06-23-2008, 02:03 PM
Ok, I will be on for about an hour since it is so early, so I will get as many done as I can.

06-23-2008, 02:17 PM
Heyy, it's your number one customer, Kalli. :) I tried taking your advice to improve the one you critiqued the other day, plus a new one I just made today.

I know I should remove the pentooling in the second one

06-23-2008, 02:25 PM
Well, here I am again. Thanks for the critique you gave--I'm currently looking for tutorials that look real clean; I can't explain that too well. I'm pretty sure you will like this sig more than my last two. Also, if you know any tutorials that might be good for me, please link me to them. :P


06-23-2008, 03:12 PM
Anything-Pink -

Well the first tag definitely has improved, but still not quite there in my opinion. First off the pen tool I think looks better, but I still think something more could be done with it, but I am not really sure how to describe what I am thinking. The typography does improve the bottom of the tag and I like the color choices very much so. However, I think it is the font that I am too keen on with the mix of capitals and lower case. You are on the right track there, but there is just something that looks off with it down there. I would also maybe try sharpening up the grass somewhat, because all though you are focusing on the tree, even with some more focused grass I do not think it would take that effect away. Then lastly, the sky with the planet in color and contrast still seems a tad too dull.

Now for the second tag, and yes I do agree with you that the pen tool should be taken out of the tag. I think in a tag like this, some pen tool effects could look really good, but it would have to be done very carefully and it would be complicated. In other words, I would only leave it to do for a pen tool expert. Now the two main things about this tag are the light source and the text. First off, the light source I can is suppose to be your focal, but I think that you have it overdone throughout the entire tag. With it being such a bright and large light source, it transitions over to darkness way too quick. I would actually try toning the brightness down just a tad bit and maybe having it transition a tad more. Then with the text, I would completely get rid of this type of typography in this text. With the image of the entire tag, I think just some basic and simple text, with almost like a phrase or something might look really nice. Having the text though trying to flow with the light source and having the effects on it seems actually like you were a beginner in typography. Always make sure to put as much thought as you can into the typography of a tag.

The flow and depth of the tag are pretty decent and not a lot of complaint can be brought out there. However, with this tag having such a large flow, it kind of detracts from the tag. This actually is not something you can just go in a fix with the tag. But you never really want the flow and the focal point to be one and the same thing. The flow of a tag is used to bring out the effects and the cleanness of the tag. In this case, I would almost say that the flow is too intense for the tag. I would also recommend trying a cropped copy where you take out a portion of the bottom of the tag, and possibly even making those two border bars just a tad thicker and see how that looks. Then lastly are the effects of the tag on the bottom right and bottom left. I would try messing with those just a tad more and getting something more going on in there, as of right now they look kind of messy.

06-23-2008, 03:36 PM
SiKeST -

I would suggest just clicking the link in my signature, it will take you to 29 of the tutorials I own that are on the site for free so you do not have to worry about paying for them. There are some beginner level signatures as well as some higher levels that can teach you some good techniques. Also, if you click the PSD link in my signature, you can download any of the PSD's from the tutorials to look at them first hand in photoshop. As for this tag, I think you did much better on the font as it is more simple, but for some reason it looks of bad quality. I would suggest opening the Character box in photoshop and selecting the font be smooth from that to get the best look for the font. I have very rarely used anything but that quality of text. Next though however, get rid of the border. In my opinion there are only really two borders that work on any tag, except for the select few on a very rare occasion and that is the two bar border and no bar border. The two bar border is just a bar on the top of the tag and on the bottom, with no type of border on the sides. Then the no bar border is pretty self-explanatory, which means no border at all. You are getting better with the effects, but to get the best out of them I would suggest learning some smudging techniques as well as some more blending techniques with different types of c4d renders. The last thing I want to point on in this tag is the lighting of the tag. Lighting, from my experience is one of the last things that most people really learn to express in their tags. In this tag the lighting is way too overwhelming, and you need to focus the tag on having one, maybe two in a rare occasion, light source. This will be based upon the render/stock used in the tag which will tell you exactly where the light source should be. As a beginner I would suggest using about a 100px white soft brush and using that as your light source, usually having most of it outside of the tag so just the edges of it are showing.

06-23-2008, 03:49 PM
Well, i know already I have a lot to work on, so constructive criticism is greatly appreciated, even harsh one.
here's my tag:


I decided to keep the text out of it, don't think it fit well, even if it gave it a more "completed" look

06-23-2008, 04:17 PM
I don't think this counts as a second critique--if it does, then you don't have to do it. I'm just showing you the improvements (I hope), of the sig you just critiqued.



Which do you think is better?

06-23-2008, 05:15 PM
Sorry you two, I have some business that needs urgent taking care of, so I will be back on later tonight and critique those tags.

06-24-2008, 04:43 PM
Ok I am online for awhile again :D

06-24-2008, 05:17 PM
Please use your skills on this piece :P


06-24-2008, 05:24 PM
Hello, Kalli. I have two new ones for you again lol. I hope you're not getting tired of me whoring your shop. :unsure:

I wasn't trying hard with this one.. Was mostly having fun and putting make up and hair coloring and a few effects.

This one is a request from someone.. They requested me to use the stock they provided which wasn't good quality.

06-24-2008, 05:56 PM
o hai :] for reasons previously mentioned may I have some PROPER critique please :D

1. http://www.imgtags.com/uploads/ATC.png
2. http://www.imgtags.com/uploads/ATC2.png
3. http://www.imgtags.com/uploads/ATC3.png

06-24-2008, 09:51 PM
Ryuuji -

Sorry it has taken so long for me to critique, I forgot about this last night and I actually feel asleep earlier like as soon as I got on haha! The first thing I think of when I look at this tag is like a scene from a movie. I think it is mainly because of the border along with the colors of the tag, just kinda gives off that feel. If you were going for that, then you did well, but I really do not like it all that much, and if you were not going for that look I would suggest removing the border. The effects in the front of the tag are nice, and I think they are very well blended with the render itself. However, with the background of the tag added in there, the tag begins to look a little dull. Right now, all that the background, to me, is there for is that it is the light source. I think that maybe if there was more going on in the background rather than just some strokes of light and dark it would improve the tag. Also on the right, those two really dark spots look out of place, because everything else in the tag is of low contrast, but then those are of higher contrast and stand out a tad too much.

Staring just at the background, what I am deciding is that it looks like a black sheet with a very strong light coming through it. With depth use of that concept, it works very well, but I still do think that there could be some definite better effects in the background to create better depth as well. Overall the tag is fairly nice and I like the black and red, that works for the tag to a point, but there is still something missing in it. I do not think that flow is really necessary in this tag, but something is needed and that might actually be a few more graphics blurred and sharpened. You said you took the text out, I would really suggest maybe try working a lot with text and see if you could get something good because it might just give it that completed, but also better look.

06-24-2008, 10:56 PM
Loukas29 -

Ok well the first thing that I am gonna start off with in this tag is the typography, because it needs to go. Typography is not something that you ever should just throw into a tag just so you have your name in it. In this case, with a tag like this where it is just basically C4D, a lot of people will actually choose not to put any typography in their tag whatsoever. Typography is just another form of art, just like your effects, and you should always put a lot of thought into it like anything else. Also, simple is usually 80% the time, the best way to lean towards. Next off I want to point out that there is really no flow nor depth in this tag, and that is a very important aspect in any abstract tag. What this tag seems as though what you did, was just get some c4d renders and then stuck them in there and started doing some random effects, and this is what came out of it. I would really suggest looking up some abstract tutorials to get some idea of creating depth and flow. Depth is decently easy, because with a tag like this dark/light contrast can create a perfect look of depth with nothing else. Lastly, I want to point out the problem with the light source in this one. The light source, just seems again randomly placed within the tag with not much thought. Also, it seems to be very strong, yet you have no darker areas in the tag to even the lighting out. Also, maybe try toning it down, because right now it is decently strong and seems to be where the focal is, and you really do not want the light source to be the focal.

06-24-2008, 11:16 PM
Anything-Pink -

Hey do not even worry about it, you are totally welcome to come in here every single day that I am on and I will critique! That is totally why I made this thread to give critique, and that would be lame to do otherwise.

Ok like always, starting with the second tag. Yea, the render is definitely of some bad quality, and unfortunately that right there can completely ruin a tag, except for a few small cases which I have seen in the past. Those instances those, the point of the tag was suppose to be of some bad quality. What is really killing me though in this tag is how the color and contrast of the effects completely over do the render itself. That is something you want to be careful with because you do not want to distract from the focal too much. What I would have suggest though with the render, is have tried to get the colors of the render to stand out more, or even had just made some major contrast change to it, and then made the tag a black and white. The effects are decent in the tag, but they just do not seem to work with that render too well, but are not that bad. Lastly though, the text needs to be removed or fixed. That typography looks as though the only reason it is there is for the name to be on the tag, and you never want to do that. I can not stress this hard enough, always take time in the typography of the tag.

It is actually funny, that second tag reminds of me of my latest tag quite a bit.


Now I will go ahead and do your first tag before I go get something to eat because I am hungry. Now this tag could have definitely turned into something very nice if you actually put some more time and effort into it. The concept of the tag was very nice, but there are some downsides in this one as well. The first of which are the effects over the render itself. I would suggest removing those, so the render is actually on top of the effects, because right now it just looks like something either is on her arm, or just wasn't erased fully. The make-up is not that bad, not great, but definitely better than I have seen from other people in the past. I would suggest though that you make it at least near the color of the effects, because right now, although it does stand out, it looks out of place in my personal opinion. Next I would suggest totally getting rid of the border you have chosen to use. You might be able to use a good maybe just black two bar border, but no border might work just as well. The text is decent, and I can tell you put some thought into it but the text 'sweet' kinda does not fit in there with the other. I would also suggest moving the text closer, and trying a few different other font types. The font is decent, but there is just something about it that I do not like.

06-25-2008, 04:21 PM
this one plz :P


06-25-2008, 04:29 PM
Cool thread! Perhaps you could give me come critique on this tag:


06-25-2008, 04:49 PM
Cool thread! Perhaps you could give me come critique on this tag:

Rule 3, post 1.

06-29-2008, 04:23 PM
Hey All, sorry but I am gonna be busy with family here at my house, and then going to St. Louis for a family reunion. So I will not be able to maintain this for about a week. I should be back after the 4th of July weekend though.

06-29-2008, 04:26 PM
I'll post some next week :D Awesome thread you got here!