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05-06-2006, 07:39 AM
Hello.. i have some problems finishing my signature.
How can i put a render under my signature? And it wouldnt be so colorfull as it is.? I really need help with this, cause tutorials doesnt help me with that question. Plz

05-06-2006, 07:41 AM
i dont really understand. under? if you mean "on", just open it up in ps and drag the render into your sig.

05-06-2006, 07:46 AM
Yes drag it up, but then it is over my brush paint job, and i dont want it like that. I need the render underneath the brush job. How to do it?

05-06-2006, 07:49 AM
drag it under the layer you did your brushing. want pic to that?

05-06-2006, 07:56 AM
Yes plz.. cause its hard to understand...

05-06-2006, 08:05 AM



05-06-2006, 08:33 AM
When i select my render its just only the render there. No signature layer nothing. Just a render. And when i select the signature, then the render disapears from the list.

05-06-2006, 08:38 AM
What photoshop you using? Dude i explained in the other topic just read that you should be fine....is your sig a psd?

05-06-2006, 08:41 AM
The question is confusing :unsure: , you should try reading the basics in adobe site.

05-06-2006, 09:00 AM
ok no wories now.. i have a video tutorial. And now its 100x times easier.
Running with a Photoshop CS2. I can handle from here now.

05-06-2006, 09:01 AM
lol. good for you. goodbye (and from the looks of it, forever)

05-06-2006, 09:06 AM
Just one thing... How to copy a layer? Cause i didnt quite catch in the tutorial and i cant see what keubord buttons is the tutorial guide pushing.

05-06-2006, 09:09 AM

05-06-2006, 12:16 PM
Ok another thing. how to select more layers?
Like this


in this picture there is only one layer selected but now i need to select more. How can i do it?

05-06-2006, 12:19 PM
yawn CTRL + LEFT CLICK yawn

05-06-2006, 12:23 PM
Originally posted by arcane_paladin@May 6 2006, 01:01 PM
lol. good for you. goodbye (and from the looks of it, forever)


05-06-2006, 12:41 PM
Yeah yawn but it doesnt work.

CTRl + Left Click doesnt work.