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01-28-2006, 02:02 PM
The Actual Review:

It requires a good system, but nothing huge. A gaming system made on $650 could probly handle it on low settings. My x800 can handle it on medium-high settings very well, and considering its not the best card, thats pretty good.

The graphics were amazing. I didnt find anything that was textured badly or anything. You allies and enemies have well designed and textured models.

Lets talk about single-player gameplay. Basically, its incredibly fun. Not too many flaws in it if any. You gey your mission of what to do, you do it, and you receive another untill you are completed with the level. The mission also have actual points so it isnt like they made the missions just so you have someting specified to do. As for multi-player, I'll keep that untill later.

A good assortment of weapons. Much like the game F.E.A.R. You get your basic sets of rifles, a pistol, grenades, etc. Graphics on them are pretty decent.

The music, well I didnt pay much attention to it but maybe thats because it didnt just jump out at me. Nothing significantly amaznig in it. The sound of bullets being shot also is decent but didnt excell very much.

Realism..Well, the AI is pretty good. It isnt the best but its decent. Things aren't very interactive but its still pretty good. One thing that you need to decide for yourself about is, when your enemies fall to the ground and die, the end up just dissolving away. Thats good to prevent lag but, some people may like the bodies to stay there. It's all up to personal preference, but the people with slower systems definetly can appreciate that.

Ok, so this isnt meant to be a scary game, but hey, there are points here and there that can scare you. Well, more or less just surprise you. Things will charge around the corner at you to surprise you, or pop out of a vent in the floor and things of that sort. As I said, not meant to be scary, just surprising.

Oh boy... Well, the multi-player isn't exactly the games strong point. It can be fun if you either love fast action or you are just really good at the game. It is way too fast for me personally. You can barely shoot a guy right infront of you sometimes because he is way too fast. It comes down to who can get the better gun and luckier shots sometimes unless you are playing with people who have already master the fast gameplay. The level design however is very well made so that helped them a bit. Multi-player overall is a huge let-down from the game itself.

Phew. Well, Thats about it I believe.
Overall Rating: 7.7/10


01-28-2006, 03:10 PM
This wasn't bad compared to the first few Quakes that had about a hundred different viruses on it lol :)