View Full Version : Binjinpurj Here!

11-27-2004, 01:32 AM
Hey! I'm BinjinPurj, and I just found this great site!

There are a lot of cool features on the boards, and the basis of the site itself is really awesome and I've been hunting for something like it for a long time.

I'm 15, and I love graphic design. I discovered the wonderful world of graphic design on Newgrounds.com (http://www.newgrounds.com) doing simple signatures.

I work out alot, because I want to be toned... I'm along way from it but I'm getting there.

My girlfriend has blue hair... lol... and I love her to death. She makes me so happy.:wub:

So theres my life. Ever wanna chat about anything, just IM me up!

Cya. ^_^